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GEDORE MAGIC – Tools for Professionals

Tool Highlights and Innovations

With the new GEDORE MAGIC promotion, the extensive range of professional tools has been expanded to include a large number of premium products that are required in day-to-day operations and for special applications.

From the new 2005 XL-S-466 tool trolley with assortment for efficient work on cars to the TORCOFIX series torque wrenches with a choice of mushroom head or through square and rectangular socket and the new torsion bit set, perfect for assembly work in wood and metal construction: manufactured to our highest GEDORE standards, the tools serve as

unique aids for all professional users, whether in industry or trade. And with a performance that goes far beyond the standard.

The GEDORE MAGIC from 01.03.2024 to 31.12.2024 at participating specialist dealers and online shops.

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Tool Novelties

GEDORE will be introducing 13 new tools at the start of MAGIC on 01.03.2024. We will be presenting the 2005 XL-S-466 tool trolley with an extensive car range, the torque wrenches from the TORCOFIX series and the brand new 666-045 torsion bit set with colour coding in detail.

Gedore automotive tool assortment in tool trolley 2005 XL

Automotive All-in-one Solution

The tool trolley with 466-piece car assortment 2005 XL-S-466 from GEDORE is perfect for efficient working on the car. The selection of tools leaves nothing to be wishes. From torque wrenches to hammers and pliers, there is something for everything around the car. The range is suitable for the highest demands, as it is it is very robust and durable.

With this selection of tools the tool trolley serves not only as a mobile workstation but also as tool storage. Thus the required tool is always always ready to hand. Problems when accessing the tools in the the 7 filled drawers are due to the full extension of the drawers not given.

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Gedore torque spanner Torcofix Tf-K and Tf-Se

As precise as a Swiss Watch

The TORCOFIX TF-K/TF-SE from GEDORE offers the user significant advantages for optimised handling. The Torcofix range includes torque wrenches in the performance range from 1-850 Nm. The torque is set intuitively using the twist grip and locked using the end of the handle. The fixing recesses provide optimum counterhold when setting the torque.

The dual scale with Nm and lbf-ft is located under a magnifying window for better readability. The ergonomic handle ensures a centred hand position and optimum power transmission; the trigger signal can be clearly felt and heard. Thanks to its robust, painted tubular steel construction and high-precision internal mechanics, the TORCOFIX exceeds the high demands of industry and trade.
More about the TORCOFIX TF-K
GEDORE torsion bit set

Low-wear Screwing

The 45-piece 666-045 torsion bit set from GEDORE is perfect for wood screw connections and assembly work in timber and metal construction.

With the 45 pieces, you have the most common bit profile sizes in multiple versions in just one case.

The integrated torsion zone of the bits protects the bit profile from wear and also serves to protect the screw connection. This increases the service life of the bits enormously. In order not to lose track, each individual drive has its own colour coding. This helps when searching for the right drive. A 1/4" square adapter is included for more flexibility. Additional spanner widths can be screwed on with this adapter.
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