GEDORE red IMPULSE: Tools for all of us!

GEDORE red is launching its second promotion this year on 01.09.2020. In addition to new products, the new IMPULSE again includes selected tools that are available at particularly favourable conditions. During the four-month period until 31.12.2020, the offers will be available from participating dealers.

The new promotion comprises 38 tools from the entire GEDORE red portfolio, which will above all accelerate the pulse of car professionals and hobby mechanics: These include, for example, the 61-piece socket set 1/2" AUTO-UNIVERSAL (R69003061, RRP 142,80 € incl. VAT) - this is also part of the GEDORE red Best Choices. In this category, GEDORE red presents tools to suit the season or presents new products, such as the 11-piece wheel assembly set 1/2" with a voucher for calibration of the included torque wrench (R68903011, RRP 179,88 € incl. VAT).

Of course, we have also compiled many tools and problem solvers for handicraft and DIY on the 20 pages. One recommendation is the 3-piece pliers set consisting of two corner pipe wrenches and a water pump pliers (R27000003, UVP 53,88 € incl. VAT). Three real big mouths.

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For distributing, browsing, saving, forwarding: here you can download the GEDORE red IMPULSE as PDF.

Best Choice: R69003061

1/2" Car Universal

The solution for all automotive bolting jobs in the workshop and on the road. Screws, nuts and spark plugs in the 1/2" range can be easily loosened and tightened using the full 61 parts of the GEDORE red socket set R69003061. The reversible ratchet included makes work easier thanks to a sophisticated mechanism with 72 teeth and integrated right/left-hand rotation.

61 tools and tool accessories carry a lot of weight. However, transport and storage are no problem in the lightweight, sturdy plastic case. The material and efficient partitioning inside the case save weight and keep things tidy.
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Comprehensive - Universal - Light

Best Chocie: R68903011

Wheel mounting kit

The universal wheel mounting set for precise and flexible wheel and tire changes - because sometimes it has to be done quickly and correctly.

A movable magnetic tray with a protective coating on the base serves to securely hold the wheel bolts. If they are no longer needed, the enclosed cloth bag offers a good storage possibility. To check the tread depths - 1.6 mm according to the regulations, 3 mm for summer and 4 mm for winter tires - the set contains a tire tread depth gauge. With the help of the chalk the stored wheels can be easily marked and labelled.

The robust plastic and space-saving partitioning of the GEDORE red case minimise weight and also keep things tidy.

As a special extra, the wheel mounting kit contains a voucher for the first calibration of the torque wrench included.
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Special - Practical - Controlled

Best Choice: R27000003

Pliers set

The GEDOREred R27000003 pliers set is a perfect solution for use in industry and trade - especially for plumbing and heating construction, as well as for working on pipes, screwing valves and fastening elements.

The pipe wrenches R27140015 and R27140020 with S-shaped jaws are ideal for gripping and holding round workpieces. The tooth position, offset against the direction of rotation, ensures a firm grip of the 45° angled jaws.

The water pump pliers R28100001 are a popular universal tool for hand and home work. Thanks to the adjustment mechanism, the jaws can be easily varied within an opening range between 5 and 45 mm.
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Versatile - Adjustable - Bigmouth

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