GEDORE Selection MOBILITY: solutions for storage and transportation

Narrow working spaces, rough approaches, frequently working in different places: workplaces outside the workshop are as different as the tasks that have to be carried out there. Anyone using a standard toolbox here is usually increasing their workload unnecessarily. With the GEDORE series @work, WorkMo® and MIXX&CLICK, transportation solutions can be compiled and combined individually – flexibly, mobile, safe and light.

GEDORE WorkMo® combines all the advantages of a mobile organisation, transportation and working system. All the tools are stored safely in the drawers and foam modules, while there are no restrictions on the system's mobility – either on wheels, or the individual box modules can be released and carried. In the workplace, WorkMo® doubles as workplace and storage with the addition of a wooden panel.

Even greater flexibility is achieved with the use of MIXX&CLICK, a solution that is based on the Sortimo® transportation boxes. The BOXX®es, tool modules and extensive range of accessories offer endless space for individualisation, and can be combined to create a well-organised "workshop-to-go". Another plus: MIXX&CLICK is completely compatible with the load-safety concept by Sortimo®. 

Having both hands full while on a ladder, a roof, in a pit or under a lifting platform is not only a safety risk, but also makes working much harder. Bags and accessories from the GEDORE @work programme ensure that tools can be carried safely and within easy reach on the body so the user's freedom of movement is in no way impaired.

MOBILITY products

GEDORE professional tool belt: safe and compatible

GEDORE MOBILITY product highlight: the @work series

GEDORE @work

Heavy-duty belt set
WT 1056 7

Screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, drill and even a mobile phone: all the equipment that needs to be within easy reach while working can have its own separate place for safe storage in the various pockets and holders of the GEDORE heavy-duty belt set in the @work series.

The basic belt is made of high-quality natural leather and, thanks to the continuous double perforation, can be adjusted to waist sizes ranging from 80 to 120 cm. The strong belt upholstery on the inside provides additional wear comfort – no more irritating pulling, pressing or rubbing while you work.

The heavy-duty belt set comes with a comprehensive assortment of pockets, holders and holsters. It includes machine holsters, hammer holders, two pockets and a pocket for a mobile phone. As all @work products can be combined with each other, but can also be changed or added at any time.

In combination with the other storage solutions in the @work series such as the Profi tool backpack and the tool vest, you'll always be well-equipped in your mobile workplace.

GEDORE selection MOBILITY @work highlight product Heavy-duty belt set WT 1056 7

Product benefits at a glance

GEDORE Tool belt product benefits

GEDORE Workmo® B3: tool trolley with top features

GEDORE Workmo 1110 WMW-S-03 tool trolley product highlight MOBILITY


WorkMo® B3 with tool assortment
1110 WMW-S-03

WorkMo® stands for maximum flexibility and safety. Thanks to the modular, ergonomic construction, the GEDORE WorkMo® system efficiently combines transportation, organisation and workplace. The individual box modules quickly and easily transform into easy-to-carry elements that are particularly light, safe for transportation and crash-tested.

There is already a comprehensive assortment of GEDORE tools in the wide drawers (W 660 mm x H 314 mm) of the modular tool trolley 1110 WMW-S-03, safely nestled in the compatible Check-Tool foam inserts.

The low inherent weight of the WorkMo® also compensates for heavy drawer loads in transportation. A weight advantage of up to 50% can be gained in comparison with similar transport solutions.

The WorkMo® B3 with a 110-piece tool assortment is ideal for large and small maintenance and assembly tasks in industry, trade, automotive and at home.


GEDORE Selection MOBILITY 1110WMWS03 highlight product

Product benefits at a glance

GEDORE WorkMo B3 with tool assortment Product highlight in the GEDORE Selection MOBILITY

GEDORE MIXX&CLICK: tool assortment Electrician in a smart L-BOXX®

GEDORE L-BOXX 136 assortment Electrician in the MOBILITY


Tool assortment Electrician in a GEDORE L-BOXX® 136

A comprehensive GEDORE tool assortment, specially combined for professions in electrical engineering: the tool assortment Electrician in the GEDORE L-BOXX® consists of 26 items ranging from an electrician's chisel and a wide range of pliers to an adjustable wrench. 

Tools are accommodated safety and neatly in the GEDORE Check-Tool inserts. It won't take long to notice if a tool is missing.

Tools can be transported easily and safely to the place of use in the GEDORE L-BOXX® 136. And thanks to the Easy-Click system, it is even possible to combine a number of BOXXes in a smart solution for transportation.

So those whole often use the BOXX® with the Electrician assortment in combination with other tools can simply add another BOXX® – and ideally make the whole combination mobile by adding the L-BOXX® rollers.

GEDORE selection MOBILITY MIXX & CLICK L-BOXX product highlight in the MOBILITY

Product benefits at a glance

GEDORESelectionMOBILITY MIXXCLICK product benefits

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