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Whether mobile or stationary, the requirements in everyday workshop life are varied, and differ according to the particular application. Whether working at stationary or constantly changing workplaces, GEDORE has the perfect companion for any requirement among its workshop furniture. Designed to match the workshop furniture, GEDORE offers maximum flexibility when choosing the right tools in its modular system.

WORKSHOP: Workshop trolleys and workbenches

GEDORE workshop furniture:  intelligently constructed

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GEDORE Werkzeugwagen

The classic
2005 0511

The GEDORE tool trolley 2005 can be regarded as the modern successor to the legendary Adjutant. The popular helper has proved itself in numerous workshops and industrial businesses, both in mobile and in stationary use.

It is extremely robust with a scratch and impact-resistant surface, corrosion-proof and easy to care for. As the conditions in every workshop are different, GEDORE offers the 2005 in numerous models and versions, each to suit a particular application and claim. The extensive range of optional accessories makes the 2005 even more versatile: various foam inserts, with or without tools, dividing elements for drawers and hangings for the perforations on the sides are all available for flexible extensions.

Further information on the tool trolley 2005 and everything about GEDORE workshop interiors is available to read in the GEDORE magazine.


GEDORE tool trolley 2005 uses in the workshop

WORKSHOP: Workshop trolleys and workbenches with tool ranges

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Naturally, GEDORE offers tool bags as well as workshop furniture. 

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