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The hammer is one of the oldest tools used by humans, and is still an integral part of everyday life on construction sites, in workshops and for do-it-yourselfers. However, the areas of application in which hammers are needed have changed to such an extent that the range of products needs to be expanded and adapted to these different requirements. In order to provide the optimum equipment for every trade, GEDORE offers an extensive range of high-quality hammers. Whether an engineer's or carpenter's hammer, sledgehammer or joiner's hammer, or any other specialised version, all GEDORE hammers combine the use of the best material quality, manufacturing processes and design for the toughest continuous use. This guarantees efficient and safe working with the tools.
Der GEDORE Schlosserhammer mit ROTBAND-PLUS System
The S 600 H-05 set includes, among other things, the fitter's hammer with GEDORE ROTBAND-PLUS system.

The basis of the hammers by GEDORE is the careful choice of high-quality materials, and they are all made in our own production facilities in Germany. The steel hammer heads are carefully hardened and tempered after forging. The hardness on the face and pein must be between 50 and 58 HRC, and a maximum of 30 HRC around the single stem for safety reasons. GEDORE hammers are also manufactured with a clean and proper edge break (chamfer) of 45° on the striking end (face) and pein, which rules out any risk of dangerous chippings. GEDORE's prescribed values are guaranteed by continuous testing, and comply in full with the requirements of DIN.

The connection between the hammer head and handle is essential, which is why many of the hammers are fitted with the ROTBAND-PLUS system developed by GEDORE – a tremendous advantage in user safety. This is based on an innovative composite system. The hammer head is secured by means of a ring wedge, which distributes the clamping force evenly over 360°. The safety disc, which is attached to the hammer head by a wooden screw and safety pin, provides additional support. The red, solid, tempered steel handle protection sleeve further strengthens this connection, while at the same time making the handle less prone to misses.

All engineer's hammers 600 H, for instance, have this ROTBAND-PLUS system. A classic and all-rounder among hammers, the engineer's hammer is part of the basic equipment in the toolbox. The forged steel head consists of a square and flat face, and a wedge-shaped tapered pein. Engineer's hammers are available with various head weights, depending on how high the impact force for a particular application should be. GEDORE offers the engineer's hammer 600 H in ten different head weights ranging from 100 to 2000 g for all standard applications. The double-curved stem of the 600 H is made of high-quality hickory wood, which its characterised by its long-fibre structure. Even if the handle should break, the fibres hold together and prevent the wood from splintering and the associated risk of injury.

Hammer versions with softer impact surfaces, such as rubber or plastic hammers, perfectly complement the universal engineer's hammer. The cylindrical head of Rubber hammer 226 E by GEDORE has two straight impact surfaces, which are used in particular on sensitive surfaces such as fittings. The interchangeable heads of Plastic hammer 224 E are made of impact-resistant cellulose acetate. This hammer head material is predestined for instance for positioning and aligning assembled workpieces and machines or for machining hard metals.

Rubber hammer 226 E and Plastic hammer 224 E are available with two Engineer's hammers 600 H (head weight 300 and 500 g) in Hammer set S 600 H-05 (RRP € 128.28 including VAT). This 5-piece set also includes a multi tool made of stainless steel. Collapsible to save space and therefore easy to store, the tool is always easy to access and perfectly complements working with the hammer set. Anyone who needs impact tools for a wide range of applications will be well equipped with this set – and will even have an additional handy helper in the multi tool.

If a tool with a handle made, for instance, of fibreglass is required or preferred for work, GEDORE also has the right hammer in this field. Engineer's hammer 500 F-500 with a head weight of 500 g (RRP from € 49.98 including VAT) has this robust and virtually indestructible hammer handle. Ready for use in any weather conditions, it is also resistant to all standard chemicals. For a secure hold, the fibreglass handle is encased in a plastic handle. The steel handle protection of the hammer is additionally hardened and has a head lock, so the greatest possible safety is achieved in use.

Anyone looking for further high-quality hammers will find what they want in GEDORE's extensive portfolio.

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