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Getting Bikes fit for the warm Season

Remscheid, 29.03.2022 – Spring is upon us at last and the bicycle is as popular as ever, both as a practical means of transport and as a fitness booster. Whether the two-wheeler is being brought out of the basement or garage after hibernation or ridden all year round, regular maintenance is essential. GEDORE red has added various items to its range, including two new Bike Sets that optimally support professional effortless checks and repairs: Bike Set Workshop and Bike Set Torque. So there's nothing to stand in the way of a safe ride with maximum comfort and cycling pleasure.
Torque spanner from the GEDORE red Bike Set tightening a bolt on the gear rim.
Two new bike sets from GEDORE red for checking and repairing bikes.

With the well-considered combination of 25 tools and accessories, the Bike Set Workshop (R21702025, RRP €85.00 including VAT) covers a wide range of bicycle applications. Along with adjustable cone pliers, a side cutter, needle nose pliers and three tyre levers, the set also includes a bit ratchet, a drive adapter 1/4" and a 2C handle for screwdriving with bits. A suitable selection of various slotted, cross-slotted, Torx and in-hex bits completes the tool set.

For efficient working on shift and brake cables, the side cutters and needle nose pliers have hardened cutting edges and 2C handles that fit comfortably in the hand. The needle nose pliers grip brake and shift cables as well as small items with ease, while the side cutter facilitates the separation of shift and Bowden cables. The tyre levers make light work of levering out and fitting tyres, for instance when changing the tube or tyre.

Thanks to the practical bit ratchet and the robust 2C handle, the set offers not one, but two ergonomic solutions to drive the various bits. The drive adapter is required for connecting the handle and the bits, and can also be used in conjunction with the bit ratchet to better achieve certain screw connections on the bike. Furthermore, the adaptor allows the bit ratchet to be used for screwdriving with additional 1/4" socket wrench inserts that are available separately in the GEDORE red portfolio.

The Bike Set Torque (R21702021, RRP €180.00 including VAT) is optimally equipped for the controlled tightening of screws on a bicycle, e-bike or motorbike. The 21-piece set includes a high-quality torque wrench, adjustable cone pliers and various slotted, cross-slotted, Torx and in-hex bits. It also has an extension piece, a universal extension and a bit adaptor.

The torque wrench in exclusive GEDORE red quality that is exclusively included in this set covers a torque range from 2.5 to 25 N·m. It comes with a plug-in square with a 1/4" mushroom head for problem-free clockwise and anti-clockwise tightening. The tripping accuracy of +/- 3% of the set value ensures that screw connections on two-wheelers can be tightened with absolute precision. The mono scale with Nonius facilitates the exact setting and easy reading of the figure. The extension piece allows the use of 3/8" accessories. The universal extension also facilitates tightening screws in hard-to-reach areas, while the bit adaptor allows the use of bits.

The composition of the bits in both sets is ideal for all common screw connections on bicycles and e-bikes. Both sets also include the adjustable cone pliers, which offer full flexibility with the very different screw connections to which they can be individually adjusted. Thanks to the design with thin jaws and the tips that are 45% thinner than conventional models, they are also ideal for use in tight spaces such as rear brakes or rear lights. They can also be used for countering when screwdriving if required, which makes these kinds of tasks particularly efficient.

The two sets are housed in high-quality compact and lightweight bags with a practical hanger for storage and transportation. All the individual parts are held safely and securely, but at the same time can be picked up with absolute ease. Plus all the small parts in the sets are clearly identified, eliminating the need to waste time searching for the right equipment.

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