GEDORE red tool sets in the new GEDWorker and GEDMaster tool trolleys

Extensive range of equipment for mobile and flexible storage for professionals and DIYers

Remscheid, 12.10.2023 – Equipped tool trolleys ensure that the workshops of trade professionals and keen DIYers contain an excellent selection of tools that have been carefully selected by the manufacturer. It is precisely for this purpose that GEDORE red offers the two new tool trolleys GEDWorker and GEDMaster with a comprehensive range of tools. The GEDWorker with a 119-piece set has the perfect basic selection for beginners and professionals in all trades. There are even more tools and accessories in the GEDMaster tool trolley with 273 tool components. This comprehensive compilation is intended e.g. for the many tasks carried out by vehicle mechanics (both professional and otherwise), tradespeople and keen DIYers.
The new GEDORE red workshop trolleys GEDWorker and GEDMaster with assortment.
The new GEDORE red workshop trolleys GEDWorker and GEDMaster with assortment.

The tool set in the GEDWorker R21562005 workshop trolley (special price in the current WORKSHOP € 969.00 including VAT) offers 119 individual items for screwdriving tasks in ¼" and ½", for holding, cutting and other tasks. In addition to two 2C reversible ratchets, the set also contains various hex socket bits slotted, PH, PZ and TX, as well as socket wrench extensions, sliding T-bar handles and universal joints. The finishing touches are slotted, PH and TX screwdrivers, open-end wrenches in widths 6 to 24 mm and a set of offset screwdrivers (1.5 to 10 mm). The tool set also contains a set of pliers consisting of water pump pliers, combination pliers, flat nose pliers and side cutters as well as a locksmith's hammer and a set of chisels.

These components are also contained in the 273-piece tool set in the GEDMaster workshop trolley R22071005 (special price in the WORKSHOP € 1,829.00 including VAT)). This set also includes additional screwdriving equipment in ⅜" consisting of a reversible ratchet, socket wrench inserts, extensions, sliding T-bar handle, impact socket enlarger (⅜" x ½") and reducer (⅜" to ¼"). There is also an extended range of socket wrench inserts in ½" and ¼" with a spark plug insert and a 32-piece bit set, bit adapter and a ratchet screwdriver with telescopic blade. A set of combination ratchet open-end spanners (SW 10, 13, 17 and 19 mm) provides additional support for many screwdriving tasks. The pliers wrench adjusts smoothly by means of a sliding mechanism and, as a practical all-rounder, replaces two sets of wrenches and various pliers.

The tool sets are housed in two-tone foam Check Tool inserts. This ensures they are always neatly stored and safely housed in the two workshop trolleys GEDWorker and GEDMaster. It also means that a visual check after work will quickly and easily ascertain that all the components are in place.

In addition to the two well thought-out tool sets, the two workshop trolleys also offer additional storage space for other accessories. Designed to be resilient and manoeuvrable, the mobile tool trolleys' ABS worktops with small parts compartments also serve as a work surface when and wherever one is required. The GEDWorker is notable for the five drawers that open on both sides. This provides flexible access to the tools, since there is no need to manoeuvre the trolley for this purpose. The GEDMaster has seven drawers that provide plenty of space for equipment. With a load capacity of 40 kg per drawer, it is an extremely resilient partner in everyday workshop life.

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