GEDORE VDE pliers wrench and VDE pliers set

Safe and efficient working in the electronics sector

Remscheid, 25.10.2023 - Pliers wrenches are efficient all-rounders when it comes to screwdriving, holding, gripping, pressing and bending tasks. With smooth, adjustable, parallel jaws, the universal VDE pliers wrench 10" VDE 183 10 by GEDORE combines the functions of an open-end wrench ratchet, wrench and gripping pliers. Thanks to the VDE Check Tool insulation of the handles, the tool is developed for safe use up to AC 1000 V (alternating current) and DC 1500 V (direct current) in the electronics sector. The 3-piece VDE pliers set 1102-005 VDE is a well thought-out companion to the pliers wrench. The practical combination of insulated VDE multi-pliers, VDE power side cutter and SLIM DRIVE screwdriver provides crucial support for many and varied electrical installation tasks.
GEDORE VDE pliers spanner and VDE pliers set against a grey background
Safe and efficient when working in the electronics sector: GEDORE VDE pliers wrench and VDE pliers set.

The sliding mechanism of the Pliers wrench VDE 183 10 (special price in the current MAGIC promotion € 64.49 including VAT) facilitates quick and practical adjustment in 21 different positions with automatic locking function. Thus, for instance, it can replace two complete sets of wrenches, metric and imperial, from 0 to 50 mm or 0 to 1 7/8". It also enables an approximately 10-fold increase in manual force on the workpiece. Thanks to the smooth jaws, the pliers wrench does not leave any marks on workpieces such as brass screws or machines or systems, even with high clamping forces.

The tool's functional jaw holder also allows the use of protective jaws. These guarantee residue-free working on even more sensitive surfaces. The tool handles are sheathed with VDE Check Tool insulation up to 1000 V AC (alternating current) and DC 1500 V (direct current) as per DIN EN IEC 60900 (VDE 0682-201). This facilitates safe working in electrical engineering or electronics. The special multilayer insulation consists of a red layer on the inside and a yellow one on the inside. As soon as the red insulation is faulty and the underlying yellow insulating layer is exposed, the tool must be replaced.

VDE tools by GEDORE such as the 3-piece VDE Pliers set 1102-005 VDE (special price in the current MAGIC € 85.99 including VAT) cover other common electronic installation tasks all around the workshop and home. Along with multiple pliers and a power side cutter, the SLIM DRIVE screwdriver in PZ completes the set. Thanks to the insulated handles to DIN EN IEC 60900 (VDE 0682-201), these tools also ensure safe working at up to AC 1000 V (alternating current) and DC 1500 V (direct current). Housed neatly in the L-BOXX Mini, the set is also a useful companion when on the go.

The VDE multiple pliers are ideal for cutting cables, stripping and crimping, and an efficient all-rounder thanks to the serrated gripping surface and curved plier tip. And thanks to the high power transmission, the power side cutter is excellent for cutting cables, soft and hard wires. The slender head facilitates working in confined spaces. The narrow blade diameter of the VDE screwdriver SLIM DRIVE can even reach workpieces that are deep inside screw shafts. The ergonomically shaped 3-component Power Grip handle also makes working fatigue-free.

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GEDORE VDE pliers wrench and VDE pliers set

Tools for safe application up to AC 1000 V (alternating voltage) and up to DC 1500 V (direct voltage)

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