New tools for stripping, dismantling and crimping from GEDORE

This ensures maximum efficiency when working on cables and their connectors

Remscheid, 03.11.2022 - Professionals in industry, trade and workshops need various tools for working on electronic, isolated and non-live cables and wires. For safe and efficient working in these very areas, GEDORE offers new, reliable equipment for stripping and crimping: the StrippMax-Round Professional Stripping Tool, the StrippMax-Pistol Professional Wire Stripper and the two crimping pliers CrimpMax-Flex Professional and CrimpMax-360 Professional.
The new tools for stripping, dismantling and crimping from GEDORE.
The new tools for stripping, dismantling and crimping from GEDORE.

The GEDORE StrippMax-Round Professional Stripping Tool (8159, special price in the current MAGIC promotion €15.35 including VAT) for stripping all standard round and wet room cables with a diameter from 6 to 13 mm automatically regulates the cutting depth and safely and cleanly separates the sheath all around. The blade arrangement prevents the galvanised knives from clogging due to sheath residue. Rounded and space-saving in design, the tool head adapts perfectly to the modern box geometry, while the extended design provides even better access when stripping even in deeper cavity wall sockets and hard-to-reach places. The ergonomic design with finger rests helps to making using this tool easier.

The self-adjusting StrippMax-Pistol Professional Wire Stripper (8154, special price in the MAGIC promotion €83.15 including VAT) with integrated side cutter is designed for cross-sections from 0.2 to 10 mm2 and for separating rigid conductors to 1.5 mm2 and flexible conductors to 10 mm2. Thanks to the exchangeable stripping cassette with a straight blade, the tool has a large, versatile stripping capacity as well as a fine adjustment option for removing thin and thick insulation without damaging the conductors. The pistol grip allows fatigue-free operation.

The CrimpMax-Flex Professional Crimping Pliers (8151, special price in the MAGIC promotion €177.31 including VAT) is for crimping a range of cable conductors. The unlockable force lock secures the complete crimp. The three crimping inserts included with the tool for insulated (0.5 to 6 mm2) and uninsulated connectors (0.1 to 10 mm2) and wire end ferrules (0.14 to 10 mm2) are replaced quickly and without tools. Two of the sets with crimping inserts are stored in the ergonomically designed tool handle. The flexible change system saves weight – a particular advantage when working on the road.

The crimping working area of the CrimpMax-360 Professional Crimping Pliers (8150, special price in the MAGIC promotion €166.48 including VAT) rotates by 360° in 45° increments with square precision crimping along the entire sleeve length. It is suitable for wire end ferrules with and without an insulating collar up to 18 mm in length and with a cross-section of 0.08 to 16 mm2.

It will also crimp twin sleeves of 2x0.25 to 2x10 mm2. The effortless operation with automatic cross-section adjustment and pleasantly soft handles with slip protection make this tool an extremely precise and handy item in even hard-to-reach areas.

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New crimping tools from GEDORE

For stripping, dismantling and crimping

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