New: Ratchet Spanner Set 7 RA 183 and Socket Spanner Set 19 DMU 183

Two new, well thought-out sets for versatile bolting applications

Remscheid, 05.05.2022 – Professionals in industry and trade need safe, reliable and functional tools for a whole host of different screw connections. GEDORE offers two new sets for the multitude of these screwdriving challenges with well-designed combinations that also offer the option of working effortlessly on counter-fittings, thereby eliminating the need for further screwdriving tools: Ratchet spanner set 7 RA 183 and Socket spanner set 19 DMU 183 with the integrated Unit Drive Profile (UD profile). Housed in robust plastic cases with protective Check Tool inserts, the two sets are easy to transport to any location.
Ratchet spanner set 7 RA 183 and the socket spanner set 19 DMU 183
GEDORE presents the ratchet spanner set 7 RA 183 and the socket spanner set 19 DMU 183.

In addition to 7 R combination ratchet spanners and a UD Profile in key widths 8, 10, 13,17 and 19 mm, Ratchet spanner set 7 RA 183 (special price in the current MAGIC promotion €178.38 including VAT) also includes a 7 RA-12.5 adapter 1/2" 19 mm and a 7 RA-6.3 adapter 1/4" 10 mm, plus a plier wrench 183 7 TC with protective jaws. The combination ratchet spanners have a low installation height and a return-swing angle of only 5° to 7°. With the help of the two adapters in the set, the combination spanners can also be converted into ratchets with an equally low installation height in no time at all. With these properties, the set is predestined for applications with limited space.

Socket wrench set 19 DMU 183 (special price in the current MAGIC promotion €260.61 including VAT) also includes a plier wrench 183 7 TC and 13 socket wrench inserts 19 in key widths 10 to 32 mm with a 6-edge UD profile, and one 1990 KR-5 universal extension 1/2". The fine-toothed 1993 U-20 reverse ratchet 1/2" with a low return-swing angle of 6° and a small teardrop-shaped head that allows it to be used in confined spaces completes the tool set. Among other things, this set is ideal for various screwdriving tasks with machine and through bolts.

Plier wrench 183 7 TC, which is included in both sets, is a wrench and pliers in one, which further adds to the possible uses. Thanks to the sliding mechanism and parallel jaws, the plier wrench can be adjusted almost infinitely to different key widths from 0 to 42 mm or 0 - 1.5/8". The sliding mechanism in combination with the smooth jaws of the tool ensures safe gripping, holding and pressing with an extremely high clamping force, while at the same time protecting the workpiece.

The set also includes protective jaws, which can be pushed onto the gripping surfaces of the plier wrench for a gentle grip on delicate surfaces such as chrome-plated fittings. Furthermore, the plier wrench is also an ideal counter option for even more efficient tightening results.

Both the ratchet spanner and the socket wrench inserts in the sets have the special UD profile. The UD profile has a wavy structure with rounded contact surfaces. This structure protects the screw heads and creates the ideal force closure, which results in up to 20% higher torque transmission. So slipping and spinning are prevented even on worn screw heads.

The tools in both sets are made of high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, which ensures a long service life and high wear resistance. To ensure safe and correct transportation, the individual components are all accommodated in a sturdy plastic box with a viewing window and two-tone Check Tool foam inserts. A quick visual check is all it takes to ensure all the items are where they should be.

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New Tool Sets with Pliers Wrench ...

as well as spanners and sockets with UD profile.

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