Professionals for holding, cutting, bending, separating and more:

GEDORE offers the optimum pliers for every (special) application

Reliable pliers are indispensable in industry and in the trades, in the workshop and on the road, for repairing and maintaining cars, motorbikes or bicycles, as well as for DIY and countless other applications. GEDORE has a wide portfolio of efficient pliers in its range, from all-rounders to special tools, which are optimally adapted to their respective area of application and are safe to use. Whether practical multiple pliers, enduring wire rope cutters, strong Bowden cable pliers or flexible chain pipe pliers, the highquality, extremely sturdy and durable tools are the ideal partners for expert work.
GEDORE Pliers in Foam Insert
GEDORE offers a versatile range of pliers made in our own production facilities


The multiple pliers from GEDORE are an absolute all-rounder and are ideal, for example, for work in the mechanical and electronic fields. It covers seven functions in just one tool: Suitable for holding, bending, cutting, stripping, crimping, twisting and pressing, the pliers are ideal when different tasks need to be completed quickly and precisely. The two straight and serrated gripping surfaces are designed with flat-round jaws, ensuring a secure grip when holding and bending wires and workpieces. The stripping of wires with a cross-section of 0.5 to 2.5 mm² is made possible by three stripping blades. In addition, crimping of, for example, wire end ferrules (0.5 - 2.5 mm²) as well as pressing of insulated flat plugs (0.5 - 2.5 mm²) can be carried out with the lower section of the pliers head. Made of special heat-treated steel, the multiple pliers are dropforged, oil-hardened and tempered. In addition, the cutting edges of the tool are inductively hardened. The wire rope cutter is also a permanently strong partner for cutting wire ropes or Bowden cables and stranded wires, wire as well as cables. The cutting performance of the specially curved cutting edge with a hardness of 62 - 65 HRC covers wire ropes up to 1800 N/mm² with a maximum diameter of 6 mm, wire up to 750 N/mm² with a diameter up to 4 mm as well as single and multi-core copper and aluminium cables with a diameter up to 10 mm.

The cutting inserts made of powder-metallurgical high-performance high-speed steel (HSS) are manufactured using the MIM process (Metal Injection Moulding). Their optimum geometry significantly minimises the amount of force required for cutting. If, despite the extremely long service life of the wire rope cutter, the cutting inserts should ever need to be changed, this is done extremely effortlessly. For crimping Bowden cable and Bowden cable sheath end caps, the wire rope cutter from GEDORE also has two integrated crimping profiles. The joint can also be readjusted to ensure consistently precise insert guidance. When the tool is not in use, the integrated lock prevents unintentional opening.
Both the multi-purpose pliers and the wire rope cutter are equipped with 2-component handles, which promote a higher and hand-friendly power transmission and thus also fatigue-free working. The induction-hardened cutting edges of the Bowden cable pliers cut wire ropes up to a diameter of 2 mm, Bowden cable sheaths up to 5 mm, medium-hard wire up to 1.6 mm and soft wire up to 4 mm. At the same time, the pliers enable crimping of 1.5 and 2.0 mm Bowden cable sheaths and end sheaths - ideal for bicycle repairs to gear and brake cables or for cutting throttle and clutch cables on motorbikes. The special GEDORE cutting shape produces a clean cut. In addition to the robust and ergonomic 1C handle, the opening spring and width adjustment make handling particularly comfortable. Furthermore, the Bowden cable pliers, weighing just 150 g, are
equipped with a transport lock that prevents unintentional opening. This makes transport to the next place of use particularly easy. Both wire rope cutters and Bowden cable pliers from GEDORE cut using an extremely soft shear cut. In this process, the cutting plates slide past each other and cut the material. The result is a cleanly cut wire rope that retains a round cross-section and does not splice.

When loosening and tightening pipes and round components, the GEDORE BOSS chain pipe wrench shows its advantages. The design with a 355 mm long chain makes it easy to adapt to the size of the workpiece required in each case: it is placed around the workpiece and can be easily adjusted to a diameter of 17 - 114 mm. The pliers work similar to a ratchet, with the integrated double jaws allowing movement in two directions - both for tightening and loosening. The handle of the chain pipe wrench is made from GEDORE chrome vanadium special steel. Drop-forged and fully hardened and tempered, the teeth are also flame-hardened. The tool is also extremely slip-proof in use thanks to the integrated plastic handle. A practical tool in the toolbox that grips precisely and extremely firmly - a real boss. There are many other high-quality pliers in the GEDORE range for other applications.

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Professionals for holding, cutting, bending, separating and more. Made by GEDORE

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