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Remscheid, 26.04.2022 – Whether working in industry, a workshop or trade, it is essential to have an accurate and precisely repeatable tightening torque in order to ensure the required clamping force for screw connections. And further developments in production processes or the use of modern materials – these and many other factors influence the connection of two components – increasingly require controlled screw connections. With over 100 years of expertise in the field of tools, GEDORE has developed a wide range of torque solutions for the range of 0.02 to 54,000 Nm. With the continuous optimisation of functions and operability, the manufacturer of premium tools always responds to new requirements, and is constantly expanding its expertise. With a broad portfolio of torque tools, GEDORE is able to offer solutions for almost any application and requirement.
Gedore torque wrench DREMOMETER with socket key
Mechanical torque wrenches are the best-known variants on the market. The torque tools in this category distinguish themselves by the different release mechanisms with which they are equipped: Short-stroke, snap-off or slip-through.

Mechanical torque wrenches are the best-known options on the market. Torque tools in this category are fitted with various release mechanisms: short-way release, breaking or slipping. Every mechanism has properties that are predestined for various applications.

Short-way torque wrenches are among the most common models, and are used e.g. when working in automotive or commercial vehicle workshops. Breaking torque wrenches are often used in production, assembly, series assembly or in service and maintenance. On the other hand, the release mechanism of slipping torque wrenches is ideally suited for use in series production or assembly lines. The differences between the three mechanisms are explained below, along with what makes them suitable for which applications.

Short-way torque wrenches
Short-way torque wrenches are set at the correct torque before use, and there is an audible and tangible trigger when this value is reached. The wrench is then immediately ready for use again. This category of mechanical torque wrench has a short-way release: with an angular movement of only 3°, the distance between the release point and the next force closure is extremely short. One advantage of this release is the small amount of space that is required for working with the torque wrench. At the same time, however, the user also has to pay close attention to the moment of triggering, as otherwise there is a risk of over-tightening. In this case, it would be possible to damage the screw connection or the torque wrench, as the torque actually introduced into the screw connection would be significantly higher.

Most triggering torque wrenches are length-dependent, which is why the force must be applied via the middle of the handle so that there is no shift in the value when tightening. So the operation of the TORCOFIX TF-K torque wrench models (special price in the current MAGIC promotion from € 17.31 including VAT) by GEDORE for the range from 20 to 850 Nm is particularly intuitive. The convex handle is based on the natural gripping posture of the hand, while the ergonomically optimised shape with circumferential notch centres it the middle of the handle, making accurate triggering of the torque effortless.

The DREMOMETER series for up to 3,000 Nm – a classic among GEDORE torque wrenches – is length-dependent in the version with the square mount (such as the DREMOMETER DNR Set 3/4" 155 to 760 Nm with extension tube and clip-on ratchet, available in the current MAGIC promotion for the special price of € 903.21 including VAT). It does not have to be released from the middle of the handle, which means that operation is error-free at all times. This also allows the use of an extension tube, which reduces the effort for applying the required torque and benefits the workload on the user. This design and functionality favour easy and safe use while ensuring precise tightening.

Breaking torque wrenches
The key feature of breaking torque wrenches is that the user is able to see and hear the front part of the wrench break at the pivot point as the set torque is reached. It is immediately ready for use again once it has returned to the starting position. If no more pressure is exerted on the tool after triggering, the broken front part automatically returns to the starting position.

The breaking movement occurs over an angle of up to 20°. Due to the longer distance between the release point and a new actuation, this is a long-way release. One advantage with this is that over-tightening the screw connection is highly unlikely as the greater trigger radius gives the user more control when stopping the tightening process. However, a torque tool with long-way release takes up more space in use, which makes these models less suitable for use in confined spaces. Breaking wrenches are length-dependent and must be operated from the middle of the handle so that the torque is implemented correctly and without shifting values.

The TBN Breaking Torque Wrench (from RRP € 421.86 including VAT) by GEDORE is one such breaking wrench for the range 0.4 to 135 Nm, and works with the greatest precision. The torque wrench guarantees a long service life with consistently accurate values. Thanks to the ergonomic rubber handle, it has a good feel, supports the correct placement of the handle for precise triggering, and prevents slipping during use.

Slipping torque wrenches
Slipping torque wrenches are mostly pre-set to a fixed torque value, which prevents the risk of setting errors. The mechanism of these models is designed in such a way that the wrench always slips through when the value is reached. This rules out the risk of over-tightening even if the wrench is triggered repeatedly. It also means that the tool is ready for use again straight away. As this version is not dependent on length, there is no shift in values regardless of whether the force is introduced from the middle of the handle or at a different point on the torque wrench.

The TSN Slipper models (special price in the current MAGIC promotion from € 403.41 including VAT) by GEDORE are slipping torque wrenches and offer the highest accuracy when tightening screw connections over a range of 1 to 125 Nm. This torque wrench features the unique Slipping Technology that triggers precisely at any time, even in continuous use. A clearly audible and tangible signal is given when the torque is reached. Stable in design, the TSN Slipper is both particularly light and has a hand-friendly, ergonomic handle, which makes using it even more efficient.

The GEDORE range includes a further extensive portfolio of precise, safe and professional torque wrenches for a wide range of applications.

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