Torque wrenches and telescopic ratchets by GEDORE red

Precise and reliable tools for wheel changes

Remscheid, 22.08.2023 - The seasonal wheel change is one of the essential maintenance tasks on a motor vehicle. It can either be done professionally in a workshop or – with the right reliable and high-quality tools – by someone experienced working by themselves. The controlled tightening of the wheel bolt is a key element when changing wheels.
GEDORE red torque wrench and telescopic ratchet: Tools for safe wheel changing.
GEDORE red Drehmomentschlüssel und Teleskopknarre: Werkzeuge für den sicheren Radwechsel.

The 1/2" 2C Telescopic ratchet R60010027 by GEDORE red is the perfect partner for loosening the bolts before removing the wheel. The subsequent replacement and retightening with the precise torque are ensured with the use of the 1/2" Torque wrench R68900200. Ensuring that the vehicle is back on the road quickly and flawlessly.

To ensure a safe ride, the wheel bolts must be neither too tight nor too loose. The specific level as per the vehicle manufacturer's instructions can be achieved with the 1/2" Torque wrench R68900200 (RRP € 169.00 including VAT). With a measuring range from 40 to 200 Nm, this model is suitable for changing the wheels on most vehicles. After changing the wheels, we recommend tightening the wheel nuts again after driving between 50 and 100 km as they could work loose again. Private users can also do this easily with the GEDORE red torque wrench even if the actual wheel changes were carried out at a professional workshop. The GEDORE red torque wrenches are "Made in Germany" and certified to DIN EN ISO 6789. They are set to a release accuracy of +/- 3 %, which guarantees their precision.

Tools for the effortless loosening and tightening of the screw connections make changing the wheels so much easier. The 2C Telescopic ratchet R60010027 (RRP € 50.89 including VAT)), for instance, is perfect for this task. It can be extended in five stages from 460 mm to a maximum of 600 mm. The telescopic ratchet offers flexibility in use and the transmission of additional force via the extended lever arm.

The above GEDORE red tools for efficient wheel changes are available separately in the range. It also includes complete sets with other practical tools and accessories in addition to the torque wrench and the 2C telescopic ratchet. The 3-piece Wheel change set R69003000 (special price in the IMPULSE € 224.00 including VAT) and the 11-piece Wheel mounting set R68903011 (RRP € 235.00 including VAT) are both housed in a sturdy transport case.

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