Puller Set 1.06/AS by GEDORE

Three Hook Pairs for flexible Use

Remscheid, 21.07.2022 - Seized-up connections on pressed-on and pressed-in components that are held in place by their own frictional force are everywhere in trade and industry. When gears, roller bearings and other machine elements need to be loosened effectively and safely, a puller is the solution. One extremely flexible combination with three different pairs of hooks that are easily adapted to the particular area of application is the Puller set 1.06/AS by GEDORE. Thanks to the slender design of the hooks, the set is also ideal for tight spaces and thus in particular for repairs on machines in trade and industry as well as tasks in the automotive sector.
Mechanic adjusts the hooks of a puller on the crossbeam.
The puller set 11.06/AS from GEDORE offers three different pairs of hooks for the crossbar.

The 8-piece Puller set 1.06/AS by GEDORE (special price in the current MAGIC promotion € 272.51 including VAT) includes the two-armed crossbar (180 mm wide) and spindle as well as three pairs of puller hooks in different lengths.

The puller has a continuously adjustable span width of 130 mm and a span depth of 100 mm, 200 mm or 250 mm, depending on which pair of hooks is fitted to the two arms of the crossbar. The narrow manganese-phosphated hooks are easy to use in hard-to-access places such as gearboxes.

One special feature of the GEDORE pullers is that both the pull-off hooks and the crossbar are hot-drop forged. This means that the Puller set 1.06/AS ensures optimised and safe working even with maximum utilisation of the traction of 2.5t. In addition to the high load capacity of the individual components, overloading the tool will only result in the material being deformed; there would be no dangerous breakage or splintering.

The thread size M spindle (14x1.5x140) has an actuating hexagon in the wrench width of 17 mm. This means the puller can be operated both with a combination spanner and with a ratchet with the corresponding bit in size 17. The rolled fine thread ensures a high rigidity, while the carbonitrided surface is highly wear-resistant. This special finish eliminates the need for oiling or greasing. As a result, no dirt gets caught on the threads, so the spindle works as if it were permanently lubricated while at the same time being maintenance-free. Quality Made by GEDORE.

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