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From precise torque spanners to practical accessories

Remscheid, 21.03.2023 – Changing the tyres for safe driving during the warmer seasons is something that can be done either by professionals in a workshop or – with the right know-how – by private individuals under their own steam. Both cases call for efficient, functional tools for professional wheels changes on vehicles such as cars, SUVs and vans. GEDORE red contains an extensive range of items for this purpose, and in particular extremely precise torque wrenches. And as a specialist for these sensitive measuring tools, the models are also GEDORE red "Made in Germany by GEDORE". The torque wrenches are available for changing tyres as sets with other practical tools and accessories or, like various other additional items of equipment, individually.
GEDORE red Torque Wrench on a tyre
The GEDORE red torque spanner is an indispensable tool for professional wheel changes.

 Torque wrench R68900200 (RRP €160.00 including VAT) for controlled bi-directional tightening from 40 to 200 Nm is predestined for changing wheels on a vehicle. The direction of tightening is changed simply by switching the mushroom head. Any repositioning that is required is made easier by the integrated ratchet function with 1/2" square drive. The precise torque wrench is included in both the 3-piece Wheel change range R69003000 (special price in the current IMPULSE promotion €224.00 including VAT) and the 11-piece Wheel mounting set R68903011 (RRP €235.00 including VAT).

The two sets are also complemented by the finely-toothed 2C telescopic ratchet 1/2" R60010027 with a leverage effect that makes loosening and tightening the wheel nuts much easier. The lever arm also extends easily from 460 mm to a maximum of 600 mm in five stages to provide greater flexibility and the transmission of additional power. Power screwdriver inserts with protective sleeves are also ideal for working on vehicles to prevent damage to sensitive surfaces, such as light alloy and chrome-plated rims when mounting and removing. The wheel change range also includes a set of three inserts in key widths 17, 19 and 21 mm. The wheel mounting set contains key widths 17 and 19 mm.

The wheel mounting set also includes other accessories that help to make light work of wheel changes. As well as two 1/2" extensions in 75 and 125 mm for easier accessibility to deep-lying screw connections, it also has a profile depth gauge, a chalk pen, a magnetic dish, and a bag for wheel bolts.

Items such as the 2C telescopic ratchet 1/2" R60010027 (RRP €50.89 including VAT and the Impact socket set 1/2" R63043003 (RRP €33.89 including VAT) in sizes 17, 19 and 21 mm are also available separately from GEDORE red. The same applies to workshop helpers such as the Magnetic tray R19102000 (RRP €29.39 including VAT) to store the wheel bolts when removing the wheels, or the brass Tyre tread depth gauge R19201000 (RRP €14.79 including VAT).

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