Prosche by W&S Motorsport with GEDORE logo on the rear

Gedore Tools in Motorsport

Motorsport DNA meets
Tools for life

Patrick Wagner, still half bent over the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 992, reaches into the wide drawer of the workbench. His hand finds the shaft of the 12-ring combination spanner. The matt chrome of the spanner bears the traces of the past hours: oily fingerprints and dust.

It is Saturday morning. In three hours the starting signal is given in the "green hell". Four cars, 12 drivers and a team of back-office and service staff, mechanics, coordinators and engineers are preparing for a special day in the pits and the adjacent paddock: W&S Motorsport is competing at the Nürburgring in a home race with a premiere character. For the first time, a race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series is held as a 12h race. A special challenge, because the track, the narrow field and the unpredictable weather demand everything from the preparation.

Already after the test drives last Friday, the last settings on the four Porsches were optimised. After the intensive timed practice on race morning, the final fine-tuning will be done. Always on hand: tools from GEDORE.

W&S Motorsport and GEDORE - a collaboration from which the racing team and the tool manufacturer benefit equally. On the one hand, tools that are tailored to the high demands of the pit lane in terms of efficiency, performance and safety. On the other hand, direct feedback from mechanics and engineers.
Gedore workbenches in the W&S pit lane

Racing Team with GEDORE Support

GEDORE has been involved in the pit lane of the W&S Motorsport Team since 2017. As an official sponsor - with its logo on the rear of two Prosche Cayman cars - the tool manufacturer supports the young racing team with quality tools made in Germany. Regular maintenance, technical know-how and the use of suitable tools are required to bring the horsepower of the racing cars to the asphalt with pinpoint accuracy. For the best service on the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 and the Porsche 992 GT3, W&S Motorsport has been equipped with, among other things, a fully equipped 1506 XL rolling workbench, screwdriver and socket sets and lots of special tools for the automotive sector.

The standard tools such as ratchets, hammers and measuring tools, which can be found in almost every toolbox, are just as often picked up when working in the pit lane as special tools for wheel alignment and pullers. Regardless of whether it is a rough emergency repair on the track or a fine adjustment, if the tools do not have the required quality, damage, loss of material and time or, in the worst case, injuries are the result. Torque spanners in particular must perform to the point; when replacing parts or working on the wheel, the limited slip differential and all components made of aluminium, such as the flywheel or the clutch.


W&S Mechaniker und Fahrer neben einem Porsche in der Boxengasse