Plier Wrenches made by GEDORE

A multifunctional tool hybrid

A tool that can do everything is not yet available on the market. But the plier wrench is close at hand. The unique design makes it a combination of spanner, ratchet spanner and pliers. This makes it an adjustable, universal tool for screwing, bending, holding, pressing, gripping and ratcheting. Users who have had to reach into the tool box once again in the past can save not only cash but above all time and energy with a plier wrench.

The GEDORE range includes several variants with different sizes and handle designs, as well as a VDE plier wrench. Since the end of 2020, a plier wrench from the GEDORE red line has also been available.

Plier wrench from GEDORE and GEDORE red

The smallest size 7" from GEDORE covers a spanner size from 0 to 42 mm (0 - 1.5/8") and is equipped with blue dipped handles. If you want to cover a larger width across flats, it is best to use a 10" model from GEDORE or GEDORE red. With a jaw opening of up to 52 mm, the GEDORE plier wrench offers the largest width in its class, while the GEDORE red variant, with a jaw opening of up to 50 mm, is only slightly smaller. For extra ease of use and power transmission, the 10" GEDORE plier wrench is available not only as a TC variant with submerged handle protection sleeves, but also as a JC variant with 2-component handles.

VDEplier wrench

Working in the electronics sector places its own demands on users and tools. In general, only professionals should work on voltage conducting workpieces. For the extra safety required, the GEDORE VDE plier wrench is VDE insulated up to 1000 Volts. The handle is surrounded by a double check tool insulation: an outer red and an inner yellow layer, which not only protect the user, but also clearly indicate when the insulating function is no longer given. If the yellow insulating layer becomes visible, the tool must be replaced. In addition, the handle has an anti-slip feature.

Advantages of GEDORE Plier Wrenches

  1. One tool, multiple use: one plier wrench covers the functions of two complete spanner sets (metric and imperial) and one set of pliers for gripping, holding, bending, screwing and ratcheting.

  2. Damage-free work on sensitive surfaces: the smooth, flawless jaws lie parallel and without play on the workpiece. No notches and scratches, no slipping - even with screw connections that are difficult to loosen or tighten.

  3. Up to the largest spanner size in its class: GEDORE and GEDORE red plier wrenches cover the largest capacity in their class.

  4. Quality product that works reliably and for a long time: GEDORE and GEDORE red plier wrenches are designed and manufactured by GEDORE Austria. Top quality steel and chrome-plated surfaces ensure a long service life.

  5. Additional jaws for even more application scope: The unique functional jaw receptacle of the GEDORE plier wrench allows the fitting of protective jaws and other additional jaws.

  6. Work faster: GEDORE plier wrenches are the only spanners to have a quick-release mechanism with automatic engagement function. Depending on the model, between 17 and 21 setting positions are possible, which are locked by a sliding mechanism (GEDORE red) and locked and released at the touch of a button (GEDORE). The locking mechanism for the jaw span of the GEDORE plier wrenches is released by push-button and locks into place at the optimum point on the workpiece when it is squeezed by an automatic mechanism.

  7. Protect joints and strength: Handle length and shape are designed for maximum power transmission and the gentlest, most comfortable grip position possible. Models with 2-component grips maximise these effects due to the different gripping zones. GEDORE VDE pliers spanners also have a slip guard at the end of the handle.

Plier Wrenches compared

Installations in industry and trade, as on-board tools for bicycles, motorbikes, cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, in the electronics sector for bending cables or components or as a practical all-rounder in the DIY sector. The plier wrench itself is versatile in application and use. Nevertheless the small difference often has a big effect. Depending on the requirements, when selecting the tool, you should pay particular attention to the width of the plier wrench, setting positions and extensions such as the automatic locking function and the protective jaw holder.



183 7" TC

183 10" TC

183 10" JC

183 10" VDE

R28184010 10"

Code Nummer 3066029 3066037 3066061 3066088 3000016
Spanner Size metric  0 - 42 mm 0 - 52 mm 0 - 52 mm 0 - 52 mm 0 - 50 mm
Spanner Size inch 0 - 1.5/8" 0 - 2" 0 - 2" 0 - 1.7/8" 0 - 1.7/8"
Adjustment Positions 18 21 21 21 17
Quick Adjustment yes yes yes yes no
Automatic Locking Function ja ja ja ja nein
Jaws plain, parallel plain, parallel plain, parallel plain, parallel plain, parallel
Receptacle for Protective Jaws yes yes yes yes no
Gripping Force > 1:10 > 1:10 > 1:10 > 1:10 > 1:10
Handles dipped dipped 2-Component dipped dipped
Protective Insulation no no no yes no
Lenght 185 mm 250 mm 254 mm 265 mm 250 mm
Weight 265 g 535 g 575 g 550 g 535 g
DIN ISO 5743 5743 5743 5743 | IEC 60900 5743
Application gripping, holding, pressing, bending, screwing, ratcheting gripping, holding, pressing, bending, screwing, ratcheting gripping, holding, pressing, bending, screwing, ratcheting gripping, holding, pressing, bending, screwing, ratcheting, electronics
gripping, holding, pressing, bending, screwing, ratcheting
 Made by GEDORE Austria GEDORE Austria GEDORE Austria GEDORE Austria GEDORE Austria

Design and Functions

What is the difference between a plier wrench and ordinary gripping pliers such as the water pump pliers? The jaws are guided parallel in every gripping position and are not serrated but smooth. And there are good reasons for this. The surfaces always rest completely on the workpiece and are particularly gentle on the material. On the one hand, sensitive surfaces are not damaged and on the other hand, nuts and screw heads - even with large diameters - can be gripped. So if you have a plier wrench at hand, it not only replaces a pair of pliers, but also up to two complete open-end spanner sets.

In contrast to conventional gripping or fitting pliers, plier wrenches do not have a swivel joint, but a sliding mechanism. This means that even tightened screw connections can be loosened or tightened, because the torque is not limited by the lever length of the pliers handles. The high gripping force of the plier wrench (>1:10) ensures secure and backlash-free gripping even on screws that are already rounded.

The quick adjustment with snap-in function and push button


GEDORE has built in a quick adjustment function, including an automatic snap-in function with push-button locking. This means that the plier wrench can even be adjusted with one hand and easily locked and released.

The sliding mechanism and the gripping force


Instead of using a joint, plier wrenches grip via a sliding mechanism. This ensures that the gripping surfaces are always parallel. In the perfectly balanced play with the lever action via the handles, the user can adjust to an enormously high pressing and clamping force: the jaws act on the workpiece with more than ten times the manual force.
Sliding mechanism of the GEDORE Pliers Wrench in the first position
Sliding mechanism of the GEDORE Pliers Wrench in the second position
Sliding mechanism of the GEDORE Pliers Wrench in the third position

The gripping surfaces and jaws


The focus of the plier wrench is primarily on the processing of sensitive surfaces. However, the plain and parallel jaws leave no marks on the materials. Plastics, glass, chrome-plated parts remain completely undamaged. Additional jaws, such as the protective jaws for GEDORE plier wrenches, can be attached using special holders. They are suitable for handling particularly sensitive materials for which even the smooth jaws of the pliers spanner are too rough. Protective jaws are included in the scope of delivery of the JC S and TC S models and are also available separately.