GEDORE tool trolley with 172-piece assortment. The CT inserts are draped in front of the trolley.

GEDORE Tool Trolley - Limited Edition with strong Assortment


Tool trolleys are the backbone of almost every workshop. In many industrial companies, too, it is no longer possible to imagine life without these mobile workstations. The special edition TTB-TS-173 is a real GEDORE highlight, a must-have for the modern professional in industry and trade: together with the 173-piece GEDORE tool set, the compact and lightweight TTB 0321 tool trolley becomes a real multi-talent for organised and flexible use in the workshop.

This means: top quality hand tools designed for continuous use, housed in the mobile tool trolley in a special paint finish - a perfect duo for the workplace in the workshop, production or quality testing, which always cuts a good figure visually too.


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GEDORE TTB 0321 tool trolley in special paint finish with black body and blue drawers
GEDORE tool trolley with 172-piece assortment. The top two drawers are open.

The Tools for the Makers

A solid sheet steel casing protects the precious inner values of this trolley. Six drawers and a load capacity of almost one tonne make the workshop trolley, equipped with all common hand tools, from the 1/2" ratchet with plenty of accessories and nuts from SW 10 to 32 to combination spanners and screwdrivers to pliers and hammers, the basis for the demanding professional, who demands everything from his equipment, who does not spare his pliers and pushes a conventional ratchet to its limits in continuous use.

The 35-piece 1/4" bit socket set with different profiles (TX, SL, PH, PZ) and spanner sizes (4-13mm) rounds off the range. The check tool foam modules are practical. These not only indicate when a tool is missing, they also provide space for each individual part, ensure order and guarantee quick and clear access.

The TTB-TS-173 workshop trolley is a real jack-of-all-trades that leaves nothing to be desired for professionals and accompanies them through all their work.

Limited Edition: TTB 0321 and TTB-TS-173

Our new special model empty or with assortment.
GEDORE Spanner Assortment in CT Insert
GEDORE Spanner Assortment in CT Insert
GEDORE Tool Assortment in CT Insert
GEDORE Tool Assortment in CT Insert
GEDORE Torsion Bit Set 666-042
The 42-piece torsion bit set, which is the perfect addition in combination with common power tools or hand-operated tools for various screw connections with a wide range of profiles (PH, PZ, TX, etc.). The torsion zone gently cushions torque peaks and thus increases the service life of the bits. The bits are suitable for both soft and hard screws.
GEDORE Bit Socket Set 666-U-20
The 35-piece ¼" bit socket set for all common screwdriving applications in different profiles (TX,SL, PH, PZ) and spanner sizes (4-13 mm). Also suitable for mobile use in the convenient display box. The particularly thin-walled inserts are designed both for use with Power Tools and for driving via the fine-toothed ¼" ratchet.
GEDORE Multiple Pliers 8133-200 JC
5 in 1 - The multiple pliers combine 5 functions: Holding, cutting, stripping, crimping and squeezing in one tool and is the clever solution for a variety of challenges in trade and industry.
GEDORE Magnet Extension 1990 M
The ½" magnetic extension is the practical problem solver for low-lying screw connections when loosening and tightening screw connections. It is almost impossible to lose the screw or nut. Suitable for all common ½" socket spanners.

The Power Pack flexes its Muscles

With a width of 600 mm and a depth of 400 mm, the drawers not only offer plenty of storage space. This is also fully accessible thanks to the ball-bearing guide rails that ensure a telescopic full extension of the drawer, because long searches for the right tool cost time and thus cash - a no-go in the workshop and in industry, and not only for economic reasons.

Where professional tools are required, weights also play a role in most cases. A solid hand tool set weighs a lot, as do special tools and any compact power tools such as drills or angle grinders with accessories. With a load capacity of 40 kg per drawer, the TTB-TS-173 tool trolley will not quickly reach its limits. The trolley can carry a total static load of 900 kg and a dynamic load of 650 kg. This means that the valuable helper can not only carry components and workpieces of immense weight, it can even be manoeuvred safely and easily when fully loaded with over half a tonne of weight, and that quite easily and uncomplicatedly thanks to the GEDORE high-performance wheels with roller bearings. The drive/steer handle assists in steering to the workplace.

Thought through in Drawers

  • Six drawers with ample storage space, divided into three shallow and three deep drawers
  • 40 kg load capacity each
  • Ball bearing guide rails
  • Telescopic full-extension runner
  • Two drawers preloaded with one tool module each
  • 4 drawers, individually loadable
  • Compatible with the regular GEDORE check tool inserts

The TTB-TS-173 stands on strong Feet

However, the castors, here designed as 200 mm fixed castors, are a key element of the workshop trolley. This is where the use of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant special solid rubber pays off. Where other wheels literally break down and go wide under load, making progress almost impossible, the GEDORE fixed castor keeps its shape thanks to the special material compound. Of course, this also applies to the two swivel castors, which are designed as smooth-running wheels with a diameter of 125 mm and remain manoeuvrable and mobile even under full load.

Especially in the commercial sector - clearly the target group of the TTB-TS-173 - safety is a top priority. This powerhouse from the house of GEDORE confidently returns the ball. However, the safety features here relate both to the protection of the user and to safeguarding against the loss of the tool equipment. The trolley can be reliably secured against unintentional rolling away by the total locking device. The drawers, on the other hand, have an individual locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening during transport and automatically engages when the drawer is closed. The workshop trolley can be protected against unauthorised access by the central locking system with cylinder lock.

Playing it safe

  • Total locking device
  • Individual locking
  • Heel protection
  • Central locking