Gate Valve Wrench with Display

LDA-S Solution with Documentation Software

Smooth, efficient and reliable opening and closing of gate valves - including process-safe documentation of the work processes. The new LDA-S Solution gate valve wrench from GEDORE Torque Solutions was developed for this purpose.

For maximum precision, the LDA-S Solution offers a visual zero-error strategy: a sunlight-compatible digital colour display visually depicts the entire work process. An acoustic signal sounds as soon as the set value is reached. Correct and simple operation of the components is ensured by operator guidance with adjustable menu language.

The data collected during the slide process is documented and archived using the DOCU documentation software. A USB interface connects the LDA-S Solution with the software installed on a computer. After the data transfer, a log can be created that reliably documents the wrench rotations according to the specified settings. The encrypted log file prevents manipulation of the data. In addition, the DOCU module can be switched on and off with password protection.


Two Modes: Gate Valve and Countdown

If a cut-off torque is defined for the slider mode, the LDA-S Solution switches off automatically when the specified torque is reached. The automatic switch-off also works in countdown mode. The desired revolutions are set and the unit switches off as soon as the selected number of revolutions is reached.
The LDA-S Solution gate valve machine opening a gate valve in the sewage network
The LDA-S Solution gate valve machine opening a gate valve in the sewage network
The LDA-S Solution gate valve machine opening a gate valve
The LDA-S Solution gate valve machine opening a gate valve

Functions and Advantages



Electronic stepless torque adjustment Soft starting of the motor without jerking the spindle
Infinitely adjustable breakaway torque Individual adjustment on slides and maximum precision
Sunlight-readable colour display with silicone protection cover Visual representation of the entire workflow
Robust planetary gear Long service life, maximum precision and high breakaway torques
GEDORE Brushless Technology Low maintenance and high cost efficiency
GEDORE microprocessor-controlled switch-off electronics No jerky over-revving of the motor
LED status display Precision in maintenance and installation as well as increased application comfort
Weight-optimised Fatigue-free working even with heavy-duty wrenches
360° rotatable motor unit Ergonomics adaptable to the application
Ergonomic handle Increased application comfort and work safety
System power of 270 Wh, battery drive with 90 Wh (18V/5 Ah) lithium-ion battery, 3 exchangeable batteries Flexible application, low weight, little downtime and minimised risk of accidents, fast machine performance
USB interface Simple data transfer from the machine to the computer
Bi-directional counter integrated in the digital display Detection of spindle rotations in both directions, without separate accessories
Optional extensive accessories Scalable application possibilities and further increase of time and cost efficiency

Technical Details and Scope of Delivery

LDA-S Solution gate valve wrench with view of the display

Available Models

The Gate Valve Wrench with display and documentation software is available in the versions LDA-S Solution and LAW-S Solution for different torque ranges. The identifier LDA-S Solution designates the straight units. The LAW-S Solution series has an angled gear for opening and closing gate valves in hard-to-reach places. Both series cover applications from 500 to 1,200 Nm and have identical components.

 Type  Nm max*1  rpm*2  Drive  Ø mm H mm Weight kg*3
 LDA-05S Solution  500  46  3/4"  80  294  3.4
 LDA-07S Solution  700  29  3/4"  80  326  4.0
 LDA-09S Solution  900  23  3/4"  80  326  4.0
 LDA-12S Solution  1,200  20  3/4"  80  326  4.0
 LAW-05S Solution  500  46  3/4"  80  190  4.7
 LAW-07S Solution  700  29  3/4"  80  223  5.3
 LAW-09S Solution  900  23  3/4"  80  223  5.3
 LAW-12S Solution  1,200  20  3/4"  80  223  5.3

*1 Breakaway Torque in 1st Gear
*2 2. Gear max.
*3 With Lithium-Ion Battery (740 g), without Reaction Arm

Technical Sketch of the LDA-S Solution
Gate Valve Wrench LDA-S Solution
Technical Sketch of the LWA-S Solution
Gate Valve Wrench LAW-S Solution

Scope of Delivery

  • Gate Valve Wrench LDA-S Solution, or LAW-S Solution
  • Reaction arm, straight (light alloy)
  • 3x Lithium-ion battery (90 Wh/18 V/5 Ah)
  • Charger 220–240 V; 50/60 Hz
  • Tool box
  • Operation manual
  • Silicone protective cover display unit
  • Module LA-S.DOCU
  • USB cable

Component Parts

  • Reaction arm in double (light alloy)
  • Slide rod rigid (950mm long)
  • Telescopic slide rode
  • Hand lever extension for telescopic slide rode
  • Hand lever extension (approx. 800 mm long)
  • Hand lever extension heavy (approx1.000 mm long)
  • Car charger
  • Connector ¾“ iVk x 20mm iVk
  • Adapter ¾“ iVk to multi tooth
  • Adapter ¾“ on conical square drive; 32 or 50 mm Cardan joint
  • Cardan joint ¾“ with adapter to support with telescopic rod
  • Hand wheel adapter
  • Level round