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For professionals from trade and industry as well as discerning DIY enthusiasts: the GEDORE MAGIC tool promotion is back and presents itself in a completely new look. From spanners to torque tools to special tools, great offers are waiting at participating specialist dealers. With a selection of a total of 223 tool solutions, including 22 new products and highlights, the new promotion covers an extensive cross-section of all GEDORE core competences. Another new feature of this MAGIC are the clearly designed special pages, which provide detailed information on the functions and features of the highlights - quality that speaks for itself.

For example, products from the core competence of torque are among the highlights: different versions of the new TORCOFIX TF-K, covering torque ranges from 20-850 N·m, and the new TORCOFIX SE, with models from 20 N·m up to a tightening torque of 400 N·m, or the electronic torque testers CAPTURE LITE and Dremotest E. MAGIC also has a lot to offer in the field of hand tools: The GEDORE pliers spanner family, for example, is now complemented by the new VDE pliers spanner VDE 183 10, the pliers spanner 183 10 TC and other models.

The new MAGIC promotion with the high-quality tools "Made by GEDORE" is valid from 01.04.2021 to 31.03.2022.

Torque Wrench TORCOFIX 2.0

Precise in shape and torque

With the GEDORE TORCOFIX comes a torque spanner that allows the user downright intuitive operation. The TORCOFIX TF-K torque spanner from GEDORE is ideally suited for repair and maintenance work.

The ergonomic handle shape centres the hand in the middle of the handle, which is the optimum position for applying force. Thanks to the fixing recesses on the scale frame, there is optimum counter-holding when adjusting the torque.

The scale has been optimised by colouring and central positioning of the scale components, which serves to improve readability and setting of the torque values.

With a release accuracy of +/- 3% tolerance from the set scale value, the TORCOFIX exceeds the requirements of DIN EN IS 6789-2:2017 of +/- 4%.

Due to the durable 1-component handle, the trigger signal can be felt very well.

For work in confined spaces, the new TORCOFIX is also available as an SE version.

TORCOFIX TF-K - all models
GEDORE Drehmomentschlüssel Torcofix TF-K in einer Boxengasse auf dem Nürburgring
Produktvorteile des neuen Drehmomentschlüssels Torcofix Tf-K in einer Grafik

1. Controlled tightening

  • Controlled and precise bolt tightening of 20-850 N-m
  • Deviation of +/-3 % and thus more precise than the +/-4 % required by the standard
  • Test certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017 included

2. Improved readability

  • The optimised double scale, the colouring as well as the central alignment of the main scale and vernier ensure better readability of the setting values

3. Long durability of the components

  • Scale and inscription are protected under the viewing window

4. Easier torque adjustment

  • Thanks to the fixing recesses on the scale frame, there is optimum counter-holding when setting the torque

5. Intuitive, ergonomic handling

  • The ergonomic shape of the handle centres the hand in the middle of the handle
  • Clearly audible and perceptible torque release

Electronic Test Device Capture Lite

Mobile torque testing

When reliable work is due with your torque spanner, you can calibrate and check your torque device yourself in no time at all.

With the Capture Lite CL from GEDORE, torque wrenches can be checked in the workshop, industry and quality assurance. Thanks to a one-touch operation, handling during the selection of the measuring method and the measuring unit is made much easier.

By inserting the torque wrench, the tester starts automatically and switches to an auto-sleep mode when not in use.

The Capture Lite's well-lit, high-contrast OLED display ensures good and reliable readability of the measured values. In addition, the torque tester comes up trumps with three different measuring modes, peak measurement (Peak), bend point detection (1st Peak) and the analogue display (Track). The selectable units consist of N·m, lbf·in, lbf·ft.
Capture Lite - all models
Display des elektronischen Prüfgerätes Capture Lite
Produktvorteile des elektronischen Prüfgeräts Capture Lite im Detail

1. Simplified handling

  • Push-button operation for selecting the measuring method and the measuring unit Auto start function when a torque tool is plugged in

2. Versatile measuring modes

  • The Capture Lite impresses with its 3 measuring modes, analogue, peak, 1st peak measurement
    Selectable units: N·m, lbf·in, lbf·ft

3. Improved readability

  • Thanks to the well-lit OLED display and the high-contrast display

4. High accuracy

  • The measurement deviations are ± 1%

Pliers Wrench 183

A true multi-talent

The pliers wrench by GEDORE is the combination of spanner and pliers in a single tool.

The 183 TC pliers wrench from GEDORE is the ideal tool for countless applications in industry, crafts and the hobby mechanic. The pliers wrench is suitable for holding, pressing, gripping and bending various workpieces, which is made possible by the interplay of the mechanics and the smooth jaws.

Those who work with the pliers wrench can rely on an enormously high pressing and clamping force: the jaws act on the workpiece with more than ten times the manual force. The smooth and parallel jaws leave no marks on the materials. High-quality surfaces, materials and screw connections are not damaged.

Workpieces up to a maximum of 52 mm or 2" can be processed, which makes it possible to replace a large number of spanners.
Pliers Wrench - all models
GEDORE Zangenschlüssel 187 ist auch das ideale Werkzeug zum Schrauben
GEDORE Zangenschlüssel 187 alle Produkthighlights und Funktionen auf einen Blick

1. Productive and efficient work

  • Adjustment to the workpiece is done at the push of a button on the quick adjustment
  • When working on screwed joints, the stroke between the jaws helps and enables fast screwing using the ratchet principle

2. The all-rounder

  • The pliers wrench is suitable for screwing, bending, holding, pressing and gripping due to its mechanics and gripping jaws

3. High quality assembly

  • The smooth surfaces of the jaws are gentle on sensitive screwed connections or fittings

4. High force transmission

  • The excellent pressing and clamping force with tenfold transmission guarantees a firm hold of the workpieces

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