Tools on offer at participating dealers

For professionals from trade and industry as well as discerning DIY enthusiasts: the GEDORE MAGIC tool promotion is back and presents itself in a completely new look.

Over 100 premium tools, including 18 special highlights, from spanners to torque tools and special tools are waiting at participating specialist dealers at special conditions.

The new MAGIC promotion with the high-quality tools "Made by GEDORE" is valid from 01.04.2022 to 31.12.2022.

The GEDORE MAGIC is available as a downloadable PDF and as a digital catalogue.

Socket spanner set ½" with pliers wrench


The socket spanner set ½" with pliers spanner 19 DMU 182 is designed for screwing applications with machine screws and through bolts. This set is worth its weight in gold, thanks to the variable pliers spanner, wherever countering or counter-holding is required or where bolts of the same width across flats have to be machined!

  • Optimal for hexagonal bolts and nuts
  • Fine-toothed half-inch ratchet
  • Sockets from 10 mm to 32 mm with UD profile
  • GEDORE pliers spanner with practically infinitely variable spanner width adjustment up to 42 mm
  • Plastic case with Checktool insert
GEDORE socket spanner set with pliers 19 DMU 183

Torque Wrench Slipper

GEDORE TSN 25 D 5 to 25 Nm

"Precision to perfection" - there can hardly be a better description for the GEDORE TSN SLIPPER TSN 25 D torque spanner. The finely adjustable slipper with ¼" socket for a torque range of 5 to 25 Nm is the torque spanner for maximum accuracy, as required in series or assembly line assembly. Designed for extreme continuous use, it impresses not only with its impeccable workmanship, but also with a handling that supports this use comfortably over a long period of time.

  • ¼"-taper for a torque range from 5 to 25 Nm
  • The fixed torque setting can be set at the factory or can be adjusted by the user with a tester
  • Reaching the torque is clearly noticeable and audible, overtightening is not possible
  • Light, stable and corrosion-resistant construction
GEDORE torque spanner Slipper TSN 25 D 5

Mobile Workbench extra wide

GEDORE 1506 XL 2511

The GEDORE rolling workbench extra wide 1506 XL 2511: A mobile workstation in a class of its own, equipped with a 30 mm thick multiplex laminated beech worktop.

  • Roller workbench 1.25 m wide with 2x7 drawers
  • 14 drawers in two equal blocks, each with a load capacity of 40 kg
  • The lower heavy-duty drawers with a load capacity of 60 kg
  • Maximum load capacity of one tonne
  • Central locking system allows all drawers to be locked simultaneously
  • Fully extendable and removable drawers
  • Individually loadable and compatible with GEDORE tool modules
Gedore Mobile Workbench extra wide 1506 XL

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