Highlights for industry, trade and discerning do-it-yourselfers: the new GEDORE Promotion MUST-HAVES offers 39 highlight products at special prices. From 01.04.2020 to 31.07.2020, selected tools for many areas of application are available from specialist dealers and online. The GEDORE Best Choices have a special place in the promotion: Tool recommendations that have proven their worth in practice and special highlights from the range. This selection represents par excellence the safety, durability and innovative strength that GEDORE tools and "Made in Germany" stand for.

In the first MUST-HAVES 2020, these include the torque wrench set DREMOMETER DNR 3/4" (8563-N-05, RRP 729.00€ + VAT) and the Torcoflex UK set 1/2" (3550-UK-LS4, RRP 129.00€ + VAT). ), the WORKSTER tool trolley including assortment (WSL-L-TS-147, RRP 999.00€ + VAT), the 1/4" + 1/2" socket wrench set (19 BMC 20, RRP 159.00€ + VAT) and the GEDORE pliers wrench in various sizes and versions (SB 183, RRP from 35.90€ + VAT).


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For all those who would like to browse through the entire MUST-HAVES range at their leisure, the promotion is available as a PDF download.


The enhanced original



The further developed original from GEDORE: The 3/4" torque wrench with extension tube from GEDORE, including test certificate in accordance with DIN ESO 6789-2:2017, offers controlled screw tightening from 155 to 760 N-m and serves as the optimum drive tool for socket wrench sets.

No matter where you apply the force, whether in the centre of the handle or elsewhere on the DREMOMETER, whether with both hands or with an extension tube, the torque you set is always achieved exactly - without any shift in values.

Repeatable and precise - thanks to a vernier scale with magnifying glass and a 1/10th display, which allows you to read the set torque value at a glance.

With a tripping accuracy of +/-3% of the set scale value, GEDORE DREMOMETERS exceed the requirements of DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017.

With the fixed 3/4" drive, screw connections can be tightened at any time without fatigue. For those who have to apply more force, the DREMOMETER comes in the DREMOMETER DNR set 3/4" with 3/4" ratchet and aluminium extension tube.

Controlled - Independent of length - Safe

Best-Choice: 19 BMC 20

Socket wrench set
1/4" 1/2"

19 BMC 20

Equipped with the best that GEDORE has to offer in terms of operating tools. The high-quality 2093-U 20 1/4" and 1993-U 20 1/2" reversible ratchets withstand extreme continuous loads. The slim design of the heads offers screwing possibilities that are missing in other ratchets. Inserts and output are firmly connected by the ball locking device. Thanks to the release knob, insertion and removal are still easy to handle.

Socket wrench inserts in all metric sizes from 4 - 32 mm. A bit assortment for the most common drives including slot, PH, PZ, TX, XZN and internal hexagon. In addition, extensions in various designs with which the sockets can be extended up to 375 mm in drive depth, depending on the width of the wrench. The included inserts and accessories of the new socket wrench set alone are very extensive.

The oil and grease-resistant black-blue foam check tool inserts and the illustration on the lid insert greatly simplify the organisation and checking of this diverse case content: tools and accessories that are incorrectly sorted or missing are immediately noticed.

Versatile - Light - Sorted

GEDORE Socket Set 19 BMC 20 Product Advantages

Best-Choice: Plier Wrench

Plier Wrench

SB 183

The GEDORE SB 183 plier wrench, a hybrid of wrench and pliers, replaces both two complete wrench sets - metric and imperial - and a ratchet open-end wrench. This makes it an adjustable, universal tool for screwing, bending, holding, pressing and gripping.

Those who work with the wrench can adjust to an enormously high pressing and clamping force: The jaws act on the workpiece with more than ten times the manual force. However, the smooth and parallel guided jaws leave no marks on the materials. Plastics, glass, chrome-plated parts remain completely

Unbeatable in terms of working comfort is the adjustment of the plier wrench. An automatic locking device on the workpiece and a quick adjustment shorten and facilitate this work step.

The models JC S and TC S are additionally offered with special protective jaws for handling particularly sensitive materials.

Versatile - Powerful - Fast

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