GEDORE red IMPULSE: tools for everyone

On 01.04.2020, the new GEDORE red campaign IMPULSE will appear with selected tools at particularly attractive conditions. The first promotion this year offers 45 selected tools from the product line, covering various work areas.

The IMPULSE includes the GEDORE red Best Choices: An editorial recommendation on which tools should not be missing in everyday life and which are special highlights. These include the extensive tool set in the MECHANIC tool trolley (R21560005, RRP 729.00€ + VAT), the proven 1/4" + 3/8" + 1/2" socket wrench set (R45603172, RRP 99.90€ + VAT) and the precise torque wrenches in sizes 20 - 400 N-m (RX890XXXX, RRP from 94.90€ + VAT).

IMPULSE products


For distribution, scrolling, saving, forwarding: Here you can download the GEDORE red IMPULSE as a PDF file.

Best-Choice: Socket-Sets



The solution for all common bolting situations in the workshop and on the road right at hand: bolts, nuts and also spark plugs in the 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" range can be loosened and tightened in a controlled manner using the 172 parts of the GEDORE red socket wrench set R45603172.

The three reversible ratchets contained in the set facilitate safe and effortless work thanks to a sophisticated mechanism with 72 teeth and integrated clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, as well as ergonomic 2-component handles.

Easy transport and safe storage are ensured despite the extensive equipment. Robust plastic and a space-saving partition save weight and also keep things tidy.

GEDORE red socket wrench sets are available in many other combinations and sizes.

Versatile - Efficient - Fast

Best-Choice: Torque Wrenches



The GEDORE red torque wrench with test certificate to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017 offers controlled screw tightening in four sizes from 20 to 400 N·m and serves as an optimum drive tool for socket wrench sets.

Changing from clockwise to anti-clockwise rotation is very easy by changing the mushroom head. The torque adjustment, which is easy to operate and can be fixed at the end of the handle, enables precise work.

Absolutely reliable in everyday workshop use, the torque wrench is repeatable and accurate, thanks to an N·m scale with magnifying glass and a 1/10th scale, from which the set torque value can be read at a glance.

Precise - Safe - Fast

Best-Choice: Tool Set in MECHANIC

GEDORE red IMPULSE product highlight MECHANIC R20152006

Tool set in the tool trolley


Three of the six drawers are practically pre-loaded with the foam modules of the 129-piece tool assortment, which includes the following tools: 1/4" + 1/2" socket wrench set including 2K lever reversible ratchet, extensions and other accessories, screwdriver, pliers, hammer and chisel set as well as a ring ratchet and double open-end wrench set.

All drawers are 482 mm wide and 345 mm deep. The load capacity per drawer is 25 kg and a view of the complete drawer contents is always available thanks to the telescopic full extension. The two high lower drawers also accommodate tools and equipment with larger dimensions.

Individual locking via the concealed release strip prevents the drawer from opening when the trolley is in motion. Drawers and contents are additionally secured by a central locking system. Security is complemented by convenience. Pushing and pulling is now no longer an effort, thanks to the special swivel handle and two large castors.



GEDORE red IMPULSE product highlight MECHANIC R20152006

Comprehensive - Safe - Comfortable

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