Tractor and agricultural machine harvesting a field and Gedore tools

Tools for Agriculture

Agricultural Machinery Maintenance and Repair - with Tools from GEDORE

Agricultural machinery, milking machines, feeding equipment and filter systems are subject to heavy use. Excellent work results are always dependent on smooth processes. Safe, high-quality tools are a correspondingly important factor in the management of agricultural operations. Whether for standard or special applications, the powerful and robust tools from GEDORE make repairs, maintenance and inspections of agricultural technology efficient and time-saving - and not just during harvest time. The right tool also supports safe work processes and smooth operations in the preparation for the season and in the maintenance of machinery.

GEDORE offers a comprehensive portfolio of hand tools, torque tools and special tools as well as fully equipped workbenches, tailored to the applications and needs of agricultural businesses.


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Agricultural machinery technician working on a tractor with a Gedore torque spanner
Gedore workbench in an agricultural machinery workshop

Workbenches with Assortment

The agricultural workbenches from GEDORE are the top-class mobile workstations, equipped with complete tool assortments specially designed to meet the requirements of agricultural machinery technicians.

For the organisation and optimisation of work processes, all tools are housed in oil-resistant foam modules. In addition, all drawers have a high load-bearing capacity and full extension. The workbenches can be loaded with up to 1 tonne, so even heavy parts and tools are safely stored. GEDORE offers the agricultural workbenches in two versions: the 1504 XL-S-198 roller workbench with 198 parts, or the 1504 XL-S-306 roller workbench with 306 parts. These include 1/2" and 1/4" reversible ratchets with matching inserts and extensions, screwdriver bits, combination spanners, screwdrivers, files, pliers, striking tools, measuring tools and much more.

Perfect for the initial equipment or retrofitting of existing equipment in the workshop.
Hand tools from Gedore

Hand and Special Tools

Repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery often requires the application of enormous force. Not all commercially available tools can provide this force. GEDORE tools are robust and precision-manufactured to exact nominal dimensions. The jaws, rings and joints of our hand tools therefore transmit forces much better and sit flush on components. In addition, the 7 XL combination spanners and the KL-4007-411 joint handle, for example, are forged in an extra-long design and easily loosen tightly seated screw connections.

Despite high power transmission, sensitive parts are not damaged - this is ensured, for example, by the UNIT DRIVE profile of the screwdriving tools with special wave shape. In addition, there are special tools for the gentle removal of components, such as the KL-0165 ball joint extractor, the KL-1005 wheel bearing tool and the KL-1010 silent bearing tool.

Many GEDORE special tools enable faster repairs or make them possible in the first place. These include, for example, the wheel bead breaker press KL-1029-20 A and the injector extractor KL-0186-95 K.
Agricultural machinery technician locks the wheel of a tractor with a torque spanner

Torque Wrenches

Workpieces and components on agricultural machinery are becoming increasingly sensitive and complex. The GEDORE DREMOMETER torque wrench ensures controlled and safe tightening of bolts with an accuracy of +/- 3%, which exceeds DIN requirements. From bolting on tractors and forage harvesters to threshing machines, the DREMOMETER transmits the force precisely. Despite its size, the torque wrench is light and robust thanks to its lightweight aluminium housing.

The special feature: the DREMOMETER is length-independent. No matter at which position the hand applies the force to the handle, the set values are not shifted. Even when using the aluminium extension tube, the set torque is always achieved exactly.

The DREMOMETER 8563-10 with 155 - 760 Nm / 115-560 lbf-ft and the DREMOMETER 8581-01 with 600 - 1500 Nm are particularly suitable for working on agricultural machinery.