Gedore Automotive tools in use in an automotive and commercial vehicle workshop

Tools for Cars and Commercial Vehicles

SOLUTIONS – the Automotive Tool Special

  • 01.01. - 31.08.2024
  • 159 special automotive tools
  • For cars, vans and commercial vehicles
  • Many highlights, including:
  • New: Tool trolley with automotive tool assortment
  • New: GEDORE spring compressor with mobile work frame
  • New: Premium wheel bearing package
  • Eccentric spanner for axial joints (automechanika Innovation Award '22)
  • Special tools from the GEDORE-SCHAEFFLER co-operation

Specialised automotive tools from GEDORE are designed and manufactured by the tool manufacturer's automotive specialist specifically for the requirements of workshops. From 1 January to 31 August 2024, SOLUTIONS will be presenting new products and selected highlights alongside a wide range of automotive tools.

For product enquiries, please contact your GEDORE sales representative.

SOLUTIONS as PDF DownloadsSOLUTIONS as Digital Flipping Book

HEAVY DUTY - the Commercial Vehicle Special

  • 01.01. - 31.12.2024
  • 158 commercial vehicle special tools
  • For commercial vehicles, vans and agricultural machines
    Numerous highlights, such as
  • THREAD RESET thread remoulding tool
  • New: Pneumatic injector extractor in patented protective housing
  • New: Workshop assistants such as storage mats, can holders and magnetic trays
  • Mobile workbenches with tool assortments
  • Special van section with 10 new tools

Saving time, safety and damage-free installation and removal of vehicle components play an important role in repairs and maintenance work on commercial vehicles, agricultural machines and vans. HEAVY DUTY presents special commercial vehicle tools from GEDORE with precisely these advantages, from 01.01. to 31.12.2024.

For product enquiries, please contact your GEDORE sales representative.

HEAVY DUTY as PDF DownloadHEAVY DUTY as Digital Flipping Book
Gedore spring compressor in a car workshop in front of a white car

Tensions even the strongest Springs

The GEDORE spring compressor allows fast, simple and effective tensioning of almost any McPherson spring and damper strut available on the market, combined with maximum safety. As the spring is tensioned via the upper spring disc against the lower one, the shape of the spring and the spring pitch are irrelevant. With the new mobile work frame, the spring compressor can be used even more quickly and flexibly directly on the vehicle.


  •  KL-5501-500 Stationary spring compressor
  • KL-5501 B Z Spring compressor with mobile work frame
  • KL-5501-500 Mobile work frame for KL-5501 B
Gedore Vde tools in use in a car workshop

E-Mobility-ready: VDE Tools

Working on electric and hybrid vehicles requires special tools. GEDORE offers the high-voltage ranges in small and comprehensive versions directly in the practical L-BOXX or in the tool trolley with check tool inserts. Suitable for vehicles from all manufacturers, the VDE tools included are insulated in accordance with EN 60900 / EC 60900 and therefore guarantee safe use in everyday workshops on commercial vehicles, vans and cars.


  •  KL-4600-200 Tool trolley with 103-piece high-voltage assortment
  • KL-4600-10 Z VDE HYBRID tool set with 53 parts, optionally with 10-piece extension set
Gedore thread forming tool in use on a wheel stud

Reshaping damaged Threads

THREAD RESET: The thread remoulding tools from GEDORE enable fast and cost-saving remoulding of damaged threads in just 30 seconds. The tool returns the thread to its original geometry without removing material or weakening the thread. The strength of the wheel bolts and bolting operations is also fully retained.


  •  KL-0173-662 A for M22 x 1.5 mm thread
  • KL-0173-460 K for right-hand and left-hand threads M50 to M110 x 1.5 mm
  • KL-0173-4601 Set of thread rolls for 1 mm pitch
  • KL-0173-4604 Set of thread rolls for 2 mm pitch


  •  KL-0173-612 A for wheel studs M12 x 1.5 mm
  • KL-0173-601 A for wheel stud thread M12 x 1.25 and M14 x 1.5 mm
Gedore Automotive-Werkzeugwagen in einer Nfz-Werkstatt

Assortments in Tool Mobiles

Fully equipped workbenches with special tool sets for maintenance work on vehicles and commercial vehicles offer a significant advantage: with one investment, you have a perfectly organised and efficient workplace. The assortments are tailored to the different areas of application and are securely organised in check tool modules and drawers, allowing quick and easy access. The tool trolleys and workbenches not only serve as storage, but also as mobile workstations with their sturdy work and storage surfaces, enabling repairs to be carried out directly on the vehicle.


  • KL-4999-820 Mobile workshop trolley for commercial vehicles with 302 parts
  • 1504 XL-S-198 AGRAR Workbench with 198-piece basic assortment
  • 1504 XL-S-306 AGRAR workbench with 306-piece professional range


  • KL-4999-250 "MODULO 250" assembly trolley with 127 parts
  • KL-4999-260 "MODULO 260" assembly trolley with 189 parts
  • KL-4999-270 A "MODULO 270 A" assembly trolley with 234 parts
  • KL-4998-400 Workshop trolley with 412 car hand tools
  • 2005 XL-S-466 Tool trolley with 466-piece car assortment