Daily Challenge: Eventschmiede Dr. Thompson's

The home of the event and lifestyle location "Seifenfabrik Dr. Thompson’s" is the former power station of an old factory where soap powder was made for over a century. Until 2016, the building housed a restaurant, lounge and club under one roof. Now the concept has been updated, and the flexible location with its casual industrial flair is only available for functions and private parties, business events, Christmas and summer parties, and weddings.

A planning and logistical challenge for Sascha, who is responsible ensuring that all the events, whatever the nature, run smoothly. So it's lucky that he can rely on his tools when preparing and implementing these occasions.

The devil's in the detail

The man who is simply called "Teufel" ("Devil") by his colleagues was born in Düsseldorf 35 years ago, has one daughter and is a fan of Chicano-style tattoos. His job, or perhaps that should be profession: technician, janitor, logistician, gardener and warehouse operator in one – "A maid of all work", as he modestly describes himself. But in fact, "all-rounder" would be far more appropriate.

After qualifying as a vehicle mechanic in 2003, he then trained as a chef. Sascha worked in various restaurants before starting work in Dr. Thompson’s restaurant kitchen in 2012. When managing director Tom Rameil made the decision in 2016 to use the location purely for events, Sascha decided to hang up his chef's hat and go back to his first love: working with tools.

Since then he has taken care of all sorts of jobs, as required by a particular event: set designer, sound technician, carpenter or electrician, as well as making sure that the 1000 m² of restaurant, bar, stage and outdoor area are kept up to scratch. Exchanging lighting elements, setting up stages and sound systems, repairing the inventory and the extensively restored vintage furniture – Sascha has to be ready for any event. And has equally high expectations of his tools: efficient, strong, reliable, safe.

In this large, versatile location, Sascha's tool range has to be mobile above everything else. "I don't have the time to constantly be carrying things from A to B." The base and command centre of this "sometimes rather chaotic" hive of activity is the MECHANIC Black Edition workshop trolley. Perfect for organising and storage: all the important tools such as grip wrench, cutter knife or the VDE range are stored so they are always in easy reach – and the shelf is also ideal for carrying out minor repairs on the spot. "The amount of time I save is immeasurable," Sascha says gratefully.

His everyday activities including making sure the stage technology and the installation of the cross-beams are just as they should be. Whether a DJ or live band, each act has its own light and sound requirements. Often, individual solutions are required. Sascha uses a metal saw and pipe cutter to individually adjust the hangings on the cross-beams, and also creates made-to-measure solutions to suit a particular challenge.

Tool Hero Dr Thompson MECHANIC tool trolleys

GEDORE red tool trolley MECHANIC Black Edition R20152006

GEDORE red metal saw R93350051

GEDORE red Tool Hero Dr Thompsons R46003094 socket wrench set, 94 pieces Lighting
GEDORE red R46003094 socket wrench set
Gedore red Tool Hero Dr Thompson Lighting Ratchet

GEDORE red ratchet R60000027 from the R46003094 socket wrench set

The restaurant is furnished entirely with lovingly restored vintage furniture. Of course, these collector's items need a little more care and maintenance than new furniture, and Sascha regularly checks them for wear and tear. "If a table or chair leg is wobbly like something in Gepetto's workshop, then it's time to get out the GEDORE red screwdrivers," says Sascha.

One particularly useful all-rounder that he would never want to be without is the GEDORE red socket wrench set in the easy-to-transport Blow Mold case. "Definitely my favourite, especially when working outdoors or when I need to do something quickly. The ratchet is ideal not only for fitting the outdoor lights, but is also regularly and frequently used at and in front of the bar," he continues.

The 50 table grills are real highlights at events. Guests can cook their T-bones or fillets on them just the way they want them – not only a culinary delight, but also a terrific social experience. However, Sascha had to call upon his creativity for maintaining and cleaning the wire racks. In the end, he chose the GEDORE red wire brush. "It might not be what it was originally intended for, but it's perfect for cleaning the grills. It's best to do it when you've finished cooking, while the rack is still warm and the dirt hasn't completely dried on".

Then as now, Dr. Thompsons’s Seifenfabrik s a trendy, popular hotspot that has even been used for TV ads and shows as well as for music video shoots. "It's certainly never boring here," smiles Sascha. And if he has anything to do with it, that will never change.

GEDORE red R93700043 wire brush Tool Hero Dr Thompson
Versatile: the GEDORE red wire brush R93700043
GEDORE red R93700043 wire brush Tool Hero Dr Thompson
GEDORE red wire brush R93700043

GEDORE red tools