New GEDORE red Brand Ambassador

Hassan aka. Habu: "DIY-Maker"

GEDORE red Brand Ambassador since 2024

Hassan Abu-Izmero; even as a child, no material is safe from him. Everything that can be crafted in any way is rebuilt, installed and processed. So his future career ambitions are not too far off. However, while he was still working as a metalworker and welder, Hassan began making videos of his private DIY projects and published them on YouTube. A turning point in Hassan's life: in 2018, he quit his job and started working full-time as a content creator named 'Habu' on the well-known social media platforms.

In his workshop, sparks fly, files scrape over metal, wood shavings trickle onto the floor and the hammer clatters on forged parts on the anvil. Not only are countless creative craft projects created here with great attention to detail, but also videos and pictures that contain at least as much passion. All for the mission, says Hassan, to inspire his followers through his work.

Habu has been using reliable, quality tools from GEDORE red in his workshop since 2023. Several tools have already been put through their paces in a number of projects. In order to continue to reliably implement all projects, Habu becomes Brand Ambassador of GEDORE red since 2024.

Family man and DIY maker since 2024 Brand Ambassador GEDORE red

Habus favorite Tools

There are countless tools in Hassan's workshop. From screwdrivers to hammers, files, wrenches and pliers, the passionate craftsman and mechanic will find everything his heart desires here. Nevertheless, Hassan has identified a few favorites that he uses time and time again.


Safe tool storage with the workshop trolley from GEDORE red

GEDMaster 273-piece workshop trolley

Hassan loves order in the workshop: no searching for tools, everything is kept safe and organized.

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Torque wrench with controlled screw tightening from 40 to 200 Nm

Torque wrench 1/2" 40-200 Nm

When it comes to precision and high-quality, this torque wrench from GEDORE red is the perfect choice.

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Vielfältige und flexibel einsetzbarer Steckschlüssel-Satz von GEDORE red

Socket wrench set 1/4" + 1/2" 232-pieces

No restrictions in workshop or trade use thanks to a versatile socket spanner set.

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Wheel mounting set for mobile use or for your own workshop

Wheel mounting set 11-pieces

Whether under optimum workshop conditions or "on the road". With the wheel mounting set, there are no limits when it comes to mounting wheels.

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Creativity, Personality, Family Man

Almost 450,000 interested DIY enthusiasts now follow Hassan on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. On his website, he not only presents his projects, but also himself. Personality, closeness and his authentic, uncomplicated manner make him something special among the now numerous content creators in the home improvement and DIY sector, alongside his sometimes unconventional and unusual projects.

From a three-dimensional art object to a lamp in the shape of Portugal to a modified camper; all projects are realized in his own workshop, sometimes with the active support of friends and family and, like all videos and pictures, bear Hassan's very personal signature.

Habu has been an enthusiastic GEDORE red user since 2023 and GEDORE red partner since 2024

Habu behind the Scenes

Your artist name is an acronym of your names: which one do you prefer, Hassan or Habu?

"Both names are fine. Friends and family call me Hassan, of course. Habu is my alter ego, which I use on my channels."


How would you describe your profession?

"The term "influencer" is of course quite obvious. But I don't see myself as someone who influences people – at most, I inspire them to try their hand at craftsmanship and creativity. When I introduce myself, I choose the term "maker / content creator". I create content, but also tangible things. "Maker" describes me as a whole person: projects that I realize, videos and content that I produce. But also my personality. I want to create something, bring my ideas and projects to the streets."


What has been one of your biggest projects so far and the one that has challenged you the most?

"The modification and the first trip with the "AdventureHunter" camper – an incredibly diverse project that covered all specialist areas from woodworking to electrical, screwing and painting work. And the work is basically never-ending. In the fall of 2023, we embarked on our maiden voyage with the "AdventureHunter": a four-week trip across France, Portugal and Spain. Shortly before the start, we had to work on the brakes again, tighten the wheel bolts and also tighten the wheel nuts several times during the tour. As soon as we arrived in France, we noticed a leak in our water system."


With all those tools and equipment – do you even have any space left in your workshop?

"Yes, of course! Even if it doesn't look like it at first glance: my chaos is organized from top to bottom! Everything has its place in boxes and drawers. This makes it easy for me to keep things tidy and clean up quickly after work. This is also important for content production. A messy, chaotic workshop as a backdrop for my videos would simply be a bad business card for me. With the new tool trolleys and cases, I not only have a fixed storage space for my GEDORE red hand tools, but also a mobile workstation that allows me to move flexibly between my rooms in the workshop. A huge advantage, because my workshop is big."

GEDORE Workshop Trolleys - Mobile & Organised

Not just for neat and tidy people like Hassan; with a workshop trolley from GEDORE red, you are always organised and mobile in the workplace. The workshop trolleys are available either with a comprehensive and customised tool set or empty for completely individual equipment.

Current projects & information


All current projects in collaboration with Habu appear on the GEDORE red Instagram account "gedore_red". Habu shows more exciting & individual DIY projects on his Instagram account "Habu_official".