Gedore red reversible ratchet with extension lies on a V8 engine

GEDORE red in Action in the Tuning Workshop

Performance and Optics by Drive and Style from Dortmund

The car tuning workshop "Drive and Style" from Dortmund specializes in tuning luxury vehicles. Particularly in demand are performance upgrades, changes in appearance through body kits, lowering, exhaust systems, rims, special painting and foiling, and sound tuning.

Born in Iran, Aram came to Germany when he was four years old. In the course of time, he is repeatedly drawn to the USA, where his father emigrated in 1994. During his education he met his wife Jessica in 1998. With the birth of daughter Aileen in 2006, they decide to settle in Dortmund.

Two years later, the step into self-employment follows. The birth of "Drive and Style". After a first small hall, Aram opened the current workshop in 2014 and thus fulfilled his dream of his own tuning forge including showroom, office and pizzeria.
Sticker Drive and Style on a foiled Audi
Tuner Aram bolts the side mirror on his black quad Black Bull

Tuning Trends and Dreams

Tuning trends come and go. Aram fondly remembers his VW Golf IV with gullwing doors: "That was 12 years ago - I was as proud as an oskar. Today, I wouldn't dare drive it on the road," he says, laughing. His current baby: a quad bike created in cooperation with the EXEET company from a Kawasaki Z1000 - the Black Bull Drive and Style Edition. "I've always had the dream of driving something that no one else drives," he tells Aram proudly. And the result is impressive: 150 hp, 220 km/h, the quarter mile (402m) in 10.76 seconds.

Despite being street legal, the quad is rarely moved. "That's pure self-protection," says Aram with a wink and admits, "I really have to rein myself in there - I have family." Family is important; Sunday is family day, reserved for wife Jessica and kids Aileen and Levin. Aram proudly wears the names of both children tattooed on his forearms.

Despite family obligations, sleeping in is not something Aram knows. "I'm always on the go," he says. And the hard work is paying off: Today, footballers like Marco Reus, Roman Neustädter and Julian Draxler are among his customers.

If money were no longer an issue at some point, he'd like to launch his own vehicle: "A cross between an Audi R8 and a Lamborghini would be a dream."


Lower, wider, faster

"Lower, wider, faster - that never goes out of fashion," says Aram. To ensure that he can smoothly implement his customers' requirements and work on the vehicles, a well-stocked assortment of tools is essential.

Here, it's all about the essentials - the ratchet box is also the one most often used at "Drive and Style." Aram uses it to assemble almost everything on the car, especially in the engine area. His favorite tool is the combination ratchet wrench. "Once applied, you can pull through reasonably and fluidly with it," he says enthusiastically.
GEDORE red magnetic switch for storing small parts
Working on the wheel suspension with the GEDORE red puller and the open-end ratchet spanner
Mechanic tightens side mirror of quad bike with ratchet screwdriver