Gedore red locksmith's hammer next to screws on a dark work surface

5S-Method - Workshop with systematical Order

Two Master Carpenters, one Vision

The two master carpenters Jan and Fred met while working as apprentices. Colleagues became friends and the idea of founding a joint label was born. The manufactory for furniture and home accessories Jack & Lucy was born. But in addition to Jack & Lucy and the classic carpentry trade, the two of them also devote themselves to other projects. The motto in the workshop is: Keeping order in creative chaos - with the 5S method.

After a year of planning, brainstorming, building, discarding and redesigning many different models and prototypes, they launched the Jack & Lucy label in 2017. Under this label, the two produce timeless home accessories, lamps and furniture in their own workshop.

Precise craftsmanship, sustainable materials and timeless aesthetics determine the recipe for success. Moreover, the products are extremely durable, sustainable and environmentally conscious - they mainly use local woods for the production - preferably oak and cherry wood. They like to combine the natural product with other materials such as linoleum, steel, glass, felt and concrete to create unique objects.


The master carpenters of the Jack and Lucy label at work at a workbench
Check tool tray in a GEDORE red MECHANIC Black tool trolley with various tools

Many Projects - Many Tools

"Nothing works without perfect order!"

With all the different projects that are constantly being worked on, it is obligatory to organise yourself smoothly. "Nothing works without perfect order!" is Fred's life and work credo. With discipline, the master carpenters always keep their workshop tidy and in good working order. Every tool has its designated place so that nothing is left lying around when switching between workplaces.

Indispensable helpers in the daily workshop routine are above all organisational talents such as tool trolleys and cases. For example, the many ratchet spanners used in the workshop can be perfectly sorted in the check tool inserts of the WINGMAN and transported to the next workplace.


Gedore red offset screwdriver R3867xxxx with T-handle for screwing on a saw blade
Offset screwdriver for hard-to-reach places.


Screwdriver with 2C handle
Screwdrivers with a good feel and a resistant blade are easy on the joints and the screws.


Gedore red locksmith's hammer R9210XXX and pin punch
The locksmith's hammer can be found in every workshop - forms a true dream team with the pin punch set.


Gedore red Tool trolley Wingman R20200007 next to a milling machine
Everything always sorted and at hand with the WINGMAN R20200007.

5 Rules for an organised Workshop

In order to keep order in all work areas - even in a confined space - and thus to maintain an overview, the two professional craftsmen use the 5S method, which originated in industry. This can be explained quite simply in 5 steps.

A practical tip: The 5S method can only work in the long term if you stick to these rules. Systems that already have a corresponding order for tools are helpful in adhering to these rules. These include tool trolleys such as the GEDORE red WINGMAN, which offer complete tool sets in practical check tool inserts. The two-colour foam helps to quickly identify missing tools at first glance. Tools themselves also often offer numbering, which makes it easier to allocate and sort the different key sizes.

Various Gedore red tools in the foam insert of a tool trolley