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A perfect team - the LDA-05S and Hydrakap

Felix Scholz, inventor of the Hydrakap, is employed by the market town of Schöllkrippen. As construction yard manager with 9 employees, he is responsible for all tasks of a municipal construction yard. In addition, as water master, he is responsible for the company's own water supply with extraction via springs and wells, treatment, storage and distribution.

The Hydrakap makes it easy to open even extremely tight road cap lids, quickly and effortlessly. A well thought-out design, extremely robust materials, high-quality components as well as solid workmanship guarantee a durable and user-friendly application.

"Since we have been using the LDA-05S from Gedore, turning the corresponding fittings (main gate valves and hydrants) has become much easier. The result is a user-friendly and fatigue-free work. With the LDA-05S, turning the gate valves and hydrants is quick and, above all, easy. Especially with pipe networks that are not regularly maintained."

LDA in use with the Hydrakap
LDA in use with the Hydrakap
LDA in use with the Hydrakap
LDA in use with the Hydrakap

LDA-S: The new Generation

The LDA-S series from GEDORE Torque Solutions

The LDA-S slide gate machine is available as standard in four versions, 500, 700, 900 and 1,200 N-m, covering a much wider torque range than comparable models. Other torques are available on request. With a total weight of between 3.3 and 3.9 kilograms - depending on the type - the GEDORE Torque Solutions pusher also scores highly against the competition. The battery, which is also very light (740 g), the electronically infinitely adjustable torque setting, the microprocessor-controlled cut-off electronics and the robust planetary gearbox offer additional plus points in terms of user comfort, safety, efficiency and precision.

In addition to the obligatory operating instructions, the LDA-S comes with three lithium-ion batteries, a reaction arm, a charger and a tool case for safe transport and storage. All technical details as well as the scope of delivery are described in detail on the following page.

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