GEDORE at the HARDWARE FAIR Cologne 2020

We see GEDORE as a special company. As a family-owned company now in its fourth generation, we have taken up the following mission statement: We make safe, quality tools available to everyone everywhere and combine economic interests with social responsibility.

GEDORE stands for openness to the world, fairness and respect as well as responsibility for one another. We at GEDORE treat all people and our environment with respect. We live social responsibility and are geared towards sustainability. When a company moves away from an exclusively profit-oriented approach and places equal emphasis on social responsibility, it sometimes has to take tough decisions.

The safety of people is always a priority for us as a manufacturer and as an employer. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been observing this development and are in contact with koelnmesse, the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Centre for Health Education. Since the facts are highly unclear, there is neither experience nor recommendations for action. The available data also make an assessment difficult. GEDORE knows that koelnmesse also takes the subject very seriously. We are in close contact and appreciate the trustful dialogue. In our opinion, it is no longer just a question of the purely factual situation, but rather of people's perceptions. This is what guides us.

GEDORE has already taken a number of precautions to ensure the health and safety of employees and to minimise the impact on the company's operations.
Following a comprehensive internal risk assessment, we have decided to take further measures and limit international travel and participation in major events to an absolute minimum until further notice. However, as one of the largest exhibitors at the HARDWARE FAIR, GEDORE has thousands of visitors on its booth every day. As many of the questions from our employees and partners cannot be answered with clarity, GEDORE is not able to guarantee the health and safety of its employees and visitors when participating.

Unfortunately, this means that GEDORE is withdrawing from the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR Cologne 2020. In line with our sense of responsibility, we are therefore cancelling our participation in this year's event at short notice and supress all economic considerations.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and all business partners are our highest priority. This decision was not easy for us. We were very much looking forward to presenting GEDORE once again in Cologne. All preparations have been completed and, of course, we are fulfilling all our obligations. It is very regrettable, but we firmly believe that the most responsible corporate decision at this moment in time is to ensure the greatest possible protection for people.

Our sympathies are with all affected people around the world and we thank koelnmesse and all our partners for their understanding.
Taking responsibility for society - responsibility as an obligation.

Our promise to the people: GEDORE - Tools for life

The Management Board of GEDORE Holding GmbH

Video: GEDORE thanks for support

The feedback we have received in the past few days regarding our withdrawal from EWM is overwhelmingly positive. For one thing, our employees have actually thanked us with relief. Our customers, our suppliers and numerous external partners have given us back that they have taken this certainly very difficult decision with great respect.

We, the Management Board of GEDORE, would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people who have shown us this broad support and this so important backing. For us, it is confirmation that we, GEDORE, have made a responsible and therefore the right decision.

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