The new GEDORE red combination ratchet wrenches

Innovative holding function for the loss-proof guidance of workpieces

Remscheid, 20.03.2024 – In the workshop, combination ratchet wrenches serve as essential and versatile tools for tightening and loosening screw connections. GEDORE red presents the new Combination ratchet wrenches R072011XX: Fitted with an innovative holding function on the ratchet side to prevent screws and nuts from falling through. This makes the task efficient and effortless while at the same ensuring its use is particularly safe.
The new ring ratchet spanners from GEDORE red Innovative holding function for loss-proof guidance of nuts and bolts.
New GEDORE red ring ratchet spanner: screws and nuts are guided to the workpiece without loss.

The new Combination ratchet wrenches R072011XX (special price in the current IMPULSE from €13.29 including VAT) are available in the standard wrench sizes of 10 mm, 13 mm, 17 mm and 19 mm. The innovative holding function on the ratchet head holds screws and nuts in place securely, effectively preventing the workpieces from falling or slipping, which is both time-consuming and irritating. The combination ratchet wrench also appeals as a practical alternative for screwing on threaded rods if the structure is too big for a long nut and it is not possible to use one.

The side with the ratchet wrench is angled by 15°. This provides more space for the component and promotes safe use, as it reduces the risk of injury due to a collision between the hand and the component to a minimum. The fine-toothed mechanism has 72 teeth, runs smoothly and requires little space as the swing back angle is only 5°. This enables a permanently gentle power transfer even in hard-to-access areas. The ratchet is easy to set to clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation by means of a lever.

The jaw opening of the wrench is ideal for placing on the side of the screw connection. Thanks to the jaw position of 15°, the ratchet wrench facilitates ergonomic working and is ideal for use in small spaces.

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