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Remscheid, 15.02.2024 – Slowly but surely it's getting to that time of the year when we prepare cars, bikes and so on for the warmer half of the year. And to ensure that motor vehicles are prepared for this and can safely hit the roads with the right tyres, it's nearly time for the first wheel change of the year. GEDORE red offers a comprehensive and high-quality selection of tools for this essential car maintenance task, ranging from accurate torque wrenches and practical telescopic ratchets to impact wrench sockets and functional accessories such as a magnetic tray or an inspection lamp. With this range – and a little practice – you’ll easily be able to change your own wheels.
Wheel changing made easy: with telescopic ratchet and other tools from GEDORE red.
Wheel changing made easy: with telescopic ratchet and other tools from GEDORE red.

Screw-tightening with an accurate torque wrench is essential when changing wheels to ensure that wheel bolts or nuts are securely bolted to the wheel hub. This prevents them from loosening as the result of vibration, and ensures a safe ride when the new wheels are in place. Thanks to its range of 40 to 200 Nm, the GEDORE red Torque wrench R68900200 (special price in the new IMPULSE* €169.00 including VAT) is ideal for tightening screws on most vehicles. Tested and certified to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017, the actuation accuracy of +/- 3 % of the set torque ensures that the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for tightening torque can be precisely adhered to.

The extra-long 2C Telescopic ratchet 1/2" R60010027 (RRP €50.89 including VAT) and the 2C Articulated telescopic ratchet 1/2" R60110009 (special price in the new IMPULSE* €54.19 including VAT) are perfect for effortlessly loosening and tensioning wheel bolts. The telescopic shaft of both variants can be adjusted to five different lengths. The head of the articulated telescopic ratchet swivels at an angle of 180°. In addition to electric screwdrivers, torque wrenches and telescopic ratchets, can also be complemented by the 3-piece Power wrench socket set 1/2” R63043003 (RRP €33.89 including VAT) in sizes 17, 19 and 21 mm specifically for use on car wheels. The colour-coded plastic sleeve on the power wrench set ensures damage-free work even on delicate surfaces such as aluminium rims.

GEDORE red also has plenty to offer in terms of practical accessories for effortless wheel changes. After dismantling the wheels, for instance, it’s time for the Wire brush R93700043 (RRP €6.79 including VAT). This is ideal for removing the accumulated dirt from the last few months on the road, and also for freeing the wheel hub from any corrosion. Before the new wheels are fitted, it's easy to check whether the tyres meet the legal minimum or, better still, the recommended minimum with the Tyre depth gauge R19201000 (RRP 14.79 including VAT).

In addition, the Mechanic’s assembly gloves R9911XXXX (available in sizes M, XL and XXL, RRP from € 20.09 including VAT) ensure an excellent grip at work and protection both for the hands and for sensitive surfaces. As soon as the wheels have been dismantled, the bolts can be put in the Stainless steel magnetic tray R19102000 (RRP € 29.39 including VAT) for safe-keeping. This is easy to attach to almost any metal surface. The optimum lighting in the workshop is provided by the powerful Inspection lamp R95600320 (special price in the IMPULSE* € 36.13 including VAT). Fitted with a magnet and a 180° rotatable hook, the lamp offers a choice of mounting options for hands-free working and mobile and flexible adaptation to any location.

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