GEDORE tool knowledge

Over the 100 years of our company history, we at GEDORE have not only developed lots of tools but a tremendous amount of knowledge as well. This manufacturing competence includes a solid understanding of materials, construction and production processes, and using the various tools. Our vision is that people all over the world should be able to work more safely and more productively with our tools, and so we share our knowledge with tool users everywhere: in industry, trade and DIYers.

In our magazine column "Werkzeugwissen" ("Tool knowledge"), we publish articles that we hope will make your daily working life, and using tools in general, easier. With background information, hints, tips and things we believe are good to know. We want to tell you what makes GEDORE tools so special and how you can use our products with maximum efficiency for yourself and your work. Because this is what makes GEDORE what it is: customer proximity, innovation, performance and reliability.

Your ideas and suggestions

Do you have a question about GEDORE, or are you particularly interested in any of our tools? Is there something you'd like to see? We look forward to your ideas and suggestions for the magazine column "Werkzeugwissen" – "Tool knowledge". Just use our contact form, and the GEDORE editorial office will contact you as quickly as possible after receiving your message.