GEDORE @work: Bags, cases, storage and accessories

There are lots of fabulous transportation solutions for the route to the place of use. GEDORE offers modular and mobile tool storage options with WorkMo® and the MIXX&CLICK system. But where to put the tools when you're on a ladder, the roof, in the pit or under a lifting platform? Then you need a mobile, central shelf or storage for tools and small items. Free hands for working, holding on or securing and the required tools always to hand - not a problem with the right storage and accessories.

The GEDORE @work programme has it all – from tool cases and belts with lots of optional pockets to holders and hooks to backpacks and tool vests. Tools can be safely carried against the body, and are instantly accessible as and when required.

Practical, robust, safe, individual

  • Tools always to hand
  • Clear and orderly thanks to the optimum arrangement of the compartments
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Durable thanks to low-wearing materials
  • Extremely resistant thanks to safety rivets and seams
  • Low inherent weight and high load-bearing capacity
  • Stable even with heavy contents
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for combining
  • Available with or without tool contents
  • Can be extended at any time
  • Adaptable belt and closure widths
  • Optimum weight distribution
  • Unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Hands free for working and securing
  • Safe closures

This applies to all @work products: freedom of movement must not be restricted, the weight of the tool must be optimally distributed, and every bag must keep what it promises. That is why the material is particularly robust, long-lasting and easy to clean while also be easy to carry at the same time. This is made possible by the intelligent mix of leather and synthetic and reinforced base trays. For instance, our large bags remain stable even with the heaviest contents, and the base and sides do not wear through.

Plus they are all made with safety seams in the form of double stitching to prevent the seams from splitting. Some of the added supports and bag covers are even reinforced with safety rivets. The bombproof closures ensure that nothing is lost; tools and small items such as bits and screws stay where they belong.

@work product benefits at a glance

Gedore @work product benefits

Current @work products

GEDORE TC series: socket sets in textile bags

GEDORE TC series socket sets in textile bags

Bit box with ratchet 1/4" in textile bag

TC 666-MU-20

GEDORE has closed the last gap in the wide offer for tool storage and mobile working with the socket sets in textile bags in the TC series. The principle: lightweight, uncomplicated but highly functional bags including a socket set in GEDORE Check Tool inserts that are tailored perfectly to the drawer sizes of the standard GEDORE tool trolleys.

In particular people who are not permanently reliant on a mobile transport solution for their CT inserts and yet don't want to miss out on the benefits of their CT modules when they are out and about, will find the bags in the TC series are a quick and uncomplicated alternative to larger modular solutions such as MIXX&CLICK.

The socket set TC 666-MU-20 is the most compact set in the series, but with 35 items still has everything that is needed for mechanical or manual bolting situations: impact socket bits, screwdriver bits, bit adaptors and extensions are supplied together with a 1/4" GEDORE reversible ratchet.