Gedore tool trolleys and workbenches in a row

Tool Trolleys and Workbenches from GEDORE

Quality tools are the be-all and end-all for every craftsman and mechanic. Just as important as the quality of the tool is the organisation of the ratchet, screwdriver, hammer & co. Tools are always safely stored in workshop trolleys and workbenches and can be sorted individually.

GEDORE has been manufacturing workbenches and tool cabinets at its main factory in Remscheid since 1954. Ten years later, in 1955, the range was extended to include tool trolleys. Although the first models, Adjutant and Inspector, have been superseded by modern variants, they remain classics to this day and can still be found in many workshops. It is the quality and functionality of the mobile workshop helpers that have stood the test of time for decades.

Picture from the Gedore workshop trolley production in Remscheid

Areas of Application for Tool Trolleys
and Workbenches

Workshop trolleys and mobile workbenches are indispensable wherever repairs and assembly work are carried out or machines are used that require regular maintenance.

  • Car and commercial vehicle workshops
  • Craftsmen's workshops
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Private workshops

Advantages of Tool Trolleys
and Workbenches

Workshop trolleys and workbenches offer many advantages. The required tools can be driven directly to the place of use and are immediately available, can even be sorted into drawers for specific purposes.

  • Versatile: can be used as a mobile workstation or as a permanently installed workstation
  • Modular: can be combined with accessories such as hooks, holders or back panels
  • Organise and sort: Fill drawers individually with foam inserts and tools
  • Create order: Workshop and workplace are neat and tidy, also within the framework of 5S
  • Optimise processes: work faster and safer

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Mobile Workbench 1506 XL 2511

The GEDORE workbench extra wide 1506 XL 2511 is a mobile workstation in a class of its own, equipped with a 30 mm thick multiplex beech laminated wood top.

  • Body corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof
  • Work surface made of 30 mm thick multiplex laminated beech board
  • Wide, removable drawers with full-extension runners
  • Chassis with trapezoidal axle construction

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Tool trolley 2005 TS 308

The GEDORE 2005 TS 308 tool trolley can only be made even better with 308-piece equipment.

  • Indestructible in sheet steel
  • 7 drawers in ball-bearing guide rails
  • Secure footing and always maximum manoeuvrability and directional stability
  • Extensive equipment
  • Practical check tool inserts

Equipped Tool Trolleys and Workbenches

In addition to empty tool trolleys and workbenches, GEDORE also offers equipped units with tool assortments. The tools in the equipped variants are always sorted in practical and well-arranged foam modules. These so-called Check Tool Inserts once again make a significant contribution to organisation and order. Anyone who wants to set up a completely new workplace is well advised to go for a stocked tool trolley or a stocked workbench.

Features and Accessories of Tool Trolleys and Workbenches

Loaded with tools, the mobile workshop helpers have to withstand a lot. The quality of the components and parts is correspondingly important. It is equally essential that the tool trolley with accessories can be adapted to individual needs.

The Components

  • Chassis: special axle construction, even under full load, smooth running, directional stability and lightness are maintained
  • Wheels: special wheels do not deform even under maximum load and are highly resistant to abrasion
  • Central and individual locking: drawers can be locked and close reliably
  • Ball bearings: even under maximum load, the drawers do not hook or jam
  • Impact and heel protection: protection against damage or injury
  • Storage surfaces and worktops: robust, hard-wearing storage surfaces on all tool trolleys and hard-wearing worktops on the workbenches
Gedore tool trolley in an industrial hall
Gedore tool trolley 2004 and the different top inserts

Facelift for the Tool Trolleys
2004 and 2005

The 2004 and 2005 models have received a special upgrade: As standard, the tool trolleys are equipped with a cover plate made of ABS plastic. In addition, two new optional inserts made of stainless steel or wood are now available. This transforms the trolleys from a mobile storage solution to a mobile workshop.

  • ABS plastic worktop: with 2 storage compartments, robust and oil-resistant
  • Stainless steel insert: easy to clean and remove
  • Solid wooden worktop: ideal for light assembly work and attaching a vice

Tool Trolley with strong Assortment

173 tools for industry and trade in top quality, accommodated in a tool trolley with a special paint finish - that is the model TTB-TS-173. A manoeuvrable power pack on special tyres, which despite its compact format has a total load capacity of 900 kg, or 650 kg in mobile operation.

Our tip for an equipped tool trolley that also cuts a fine figure in smaller workshops and work areas. More information on the complete range - such as torsion bit set, socket set, pliers and spanners - dimensions, features and a detailed flyer can be found on the following page.
More Details about TTB-TS-173
Gedore Tool Trolley TTB-TS-173 with two open drawers and tools