In-house Training for High Torque Bolting Tools

Product Trainings 2024

GEDORE Torque Solutions offers general training courses on high-torque bolting tools, including a factory tour, at its site in Vaihingen / Enz. Each training course is scheduled for 1.5 working days and is aimed at a maximum of 8 people.

If you are interested in a product training, please fill out the form below. In case of sufficient capacities, product and repair trainings can be combined.

Training dates:
07.11.2024 - 08.11.2024

Repair Trainings 2024

In addition to the in-house product trainings, repair courses for the high-torque cordless screwdrivers LDA/LAW and/or LDA/LAW Solution are possible. Each training course is aimed at a maximum number of 4 participants and takes 5 working days.

Repair trainings for other GEDORE Torque Solutions tools are available on request. After successful completion of the training, participants receive a certificate authorising them to carry out repairs and service on the products trained.

Send us your training enquiry using the form below. If capacities are available, product and repair training courses can be requested in combination.

Training dates cordless screwdriver LDA/LAW:
24.06.2024 - 28.06.2024
11.11.2024 - 15.11.2024

Training dates cordless screwdriver LDA/LAW Solution:
18.11.2024 - 22.11.2024

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