Different perspectives of the GEDORE Torque Solutions Heavy Duty Wrench LHD

Heavy Duty Wrench

LHD series up to 7,500 Nm

Our wrench that combines power and speed: it works more than twice as fast as the heavy-duty wrenches of other suppliers - for a faster movement from screw to screw. With our Heavy Duty Screwdriver LHD you can work reliably in wind and weather.

The built-in brushless technology (brushless, low-wear DC drive) ensures a longer service life of the screwdriver. The torque is conveniently set on the large colour display in 10 Nm increments. Optionally, our LHD can document your completed bolting work.
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Heavy duty wrench from GEDORE Torque Solutions in use

Heavy Duty Wrenches by GEDORE Torque Solutions

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