Perspectives of the GEDORE Torque Solutions hydraulic wrenches LDH and LDK

Hydraulic Wrenches

LDH/LDK series from 60 to 27,000 Nm

The hydraulic wrenches from GEDORE are flexible and robust. The hydraulic one-hand clutch makes work easier and more convenient. Both the hydraulic wrench and the cassette wrench, which is flat in design, are compatible with any power unit. However, the best results are achieved with the coordinated GEDORE power units.
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The LDH hydraulic wrench from GEDORE Torque Solutions in use

Hydraulic and cassette wrenches from GEDORE Torque Solutions

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High-Torque Wrench Tools

Cordless, electric and pneumatic high torque wrenches, force multipliers, gate valves and test bench technology from the high-torque specialist.