The LPK and LPK-X high-torque pneumatic wrenches from GEDORE Torque Solutions

Hochmoment Pneumatikschrauber

LPK series - consistently high performance from 80 to 12,800 Nm

The pneumatic screwdriver is another alternative in high-torque bolting technology. In conjunction with the GEDORE maintenance unit, it delivers consistently high performance and precision in screwdriving work. The ergonomic, 360° rotatable pistol grip with simple right/left switching enables comfortable operation.

X-series for higher speed

The LPK-X series has a 2-speed planetary gearbox. The operator can choose between fast and power gear. With a speed of up to 300 rpm, the high-speed gear turns the screw in up to the joining torque. Then the power gear tightens the screw to the exact torque. Each pneumatic screwdriver comes with an individual factory test certificate.
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The GEDORE Torque Solutions high-torque pneumatic screwdriver in use

Pneumatic screwdrivers - The alternative in high-torque bolting technology

All models of the LPK and LPK-X series and the contacts to your technical sales partners.

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